“How to Become Batman” and what that has to do with dementia

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Image source: batmanwikia.com

Alix Spiegel (@lmillernpr) and Lulu Miller (@aspiegelnpr) from NPR Invisibilia in an Episode titled How to Become Batman, published online on Friday 23 January 2015, examine the surprising effect our expectations can have on the people around us. Plus, hear the story of a blind man who says expectations have helped him see.

This is extremely relevant to the way people with dementia are treated, especially at the time of diagnosis including being Prescribed Disengagement, and most definitely to the way they are talked about using only the discourse of death and tragedy by the media. 

Like the sceptics of Neuroplasticity, this may well challenge them as well, but hey, that’s what life is all about.

Being challenged in our thinking, perhaps even learning new things, or believing in things we once thought were impossible, like never walking after a major spinal injury, or seeing things we can’t actually see, like spiritual belief and faith… are all part of life’s rich tapestry.

Please do scroll down, and follow the links to these intriguing conversations.

Whilst ever we are told there is no hope, many people diagnosed with dementia, and their families and friends, will believe it.

It almost ensures a pseudo death on diagnosis.

Batman pt 1http://www.npr.org/player/embed/379134306/379187452

The transcript starts with:

ALIX SPIEGEL, HOST: From NPR News, this is Invisibilia. I’m Alix Spiegel.

LULU MILLER, HOST: And I’m Lulu Miller.

SPIEGEL: And today we’re going to tell you a story that we think is going to make you believe something that you do not currently believe.

MILLER: Right.

SPIEGEL: And to begin to explain this story, we want to introduce you to something – a rat.

Batman pt 2http://www.npr.org/player/embed/379134701/379187617

And for part 2: Daniel Kish’s story continues. You’ll hear how scientists found that when he clicks his tongue to get around, the part of the brain that processes vision “lights up” much like in a sighted person.

There is a bonus session titled, Falling off a Cliff which you may well enjoy too.




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