Volunteer(s) wanted…

volunteerDementia Alliance International (DAI) is an advocacy and support organisation, of by and for people with dementia that I am involved in is seeking the support of more volunteers. Volunteering is rewarding, enjoyable, and a lot of fun. To live better than expected and to run this group, we need your help.

About four of our Board members, and some members of our Circle of Friends already volunteer significant amounts of time and expertise to run DAI and its many services and supports for people with dementia, but we need more support. We currently have volunteering support of two people who are not members, for which we are extremely thankful, but need more.

DAI is a registered not for profit organisation, thanks to the very generous donation last year by Richard Taylor PhD. We have no regular funding, although last year a few members personally raised enough funds to support six members to attend ADI Puerto Rico, and this year, we had limited funding from ADI since our collaboration with them, also only for use to support members to ADI2015 in Perth, and not enough for more than a very few.

It could be something a past family carer might like to do, as their own experience of having supported someone with dementia gives them a unique ability to work with people with dementia.  I imagine no current family supporter has time, but who knows, unless I put this out there, and ask, I will never know. I know when I was involved in the daily machinations of The Bereaved Through Suicide Support Group Inc., having experience that type of loss was the reason the group worked so well.

It can be frustrating trying to be an active member of any group, but especially so in this one due to each members symptoms of dementia. Everything takes much longer. Sometimes we forget to do things we promised we’d do. Sometimes we even forget we said we’d do them. Members might find it frustrating, and due to their own symptoms of dementia, may not be able to be more supportive in the running of the group, but as members, they still expect a lot. Sometimes there are misunderstandings, personalities get in the way, and the D-factor is hard for us ALL to live with, even those of us apparently living as well as we can. We ALL have dark days, when it seems it would be easier to give up and cry.

The more we give to each other, to this organisation, and indeed to our own communities, the more we get back, and we need more people to give of their time and expertise to support the work of a very few members. Please consider actively volunteering rather than waiting for someone to contact you.

Specifically, we need people who would be able and willing to undertake some administrative and other support including the following;

  1. Taking and typing up minutes of meetings (in Australia, this is often at 6am – although we record the meetings, so they can be done at another time!), assisting with editing and other administrative assistance as required
  2. Some support with social media and our website
  3. Support with newsletters, marketing, and any other thing that might be requested of us, including presentations and other material to support attending or presenting at conferences.
  4. Managing our online programs, including setting up the Eventbrite invitations, managing the time zones, etc. To give you an idea of what this entails;
    • We have a monthly Webinar called A Meeting of the Minds, usually with guest speakers
    • We run weekly support groups in two time zones
    • We run monthly cafes called Cafe Le Brain, in Australia with a guest speaker
    • During Dementia Awareness Month in 2014, we ran weekly Master classes and would need assistance with this if we repeat them later this year
    • We have a YouTube channel which occasionally requires support, e.g. uploading of new videos

If you don’t have time to volunteer, but can afford to make a donation, then please do so here. If you are attending any of our Webinars, and can afford to donate at the time you register, then also please consider doing so here. Currently have no regular funding.

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