16 thoughts on “Instructions on life

  1. Kate, I learnt this past month to see my actual place in the world (not much chop😉). To realize that those I may influence now don’t make large numbers. That my attempts at making linkages may be hopelessly naive. That as I can no longer work & my LinkedIn profile now reflects that I have very little sway/cred compared with 15 years ago.

    I also learnt how to protect myself (I hope) against further abuse on social media, how to retreat from asking questions of people I have no right to engage in public discussion, how basically irrelevant I’ve now become in terms of real action for change.

    BUT I claim the right to yarn: maybe in so doing, taking steps back from the emotion of it all, I along with a few others may set up what wasn’t there for us when we needed it so badly.

    Yours ever in “armchair activism”…let’s elevate that to “radicslism”!! Lxx

    PS Never doubt your emotions nor your gut-only worry if they’re not in sync😉


    • Protecting yourself is important, but never ever think you are ‘irrelevant’. You are huge, and important, and very much a big part of the change and activism for improving dementia for both those of us diagnosed, and those supporting us. NEVER NEVER NEVER doubt that for one moment, and remember, a LinkedIn profile has zilch to do with your worth and value. Love you to bits girlfriend xox


  2. Learning feels good-and raw, exposed at times. But when I’m not learning, moving, listening or laughing I feel dead, dear Kate.
    Drudge work & “duties” are soul-destroying. I reckon it’s about keeping our own centre, our mojos, our vital energy. xx


  3. Dear Kate,
    Thank you so much for sharing and hope you are feeling better sending you lots of good wishes. I haven’t written before and want you to know that your blog is so important to me and supportive, my dear mom has dementia and I get so much inspiration from you to support me to care for her. You really are a bright star for me ✨ – I learn so much from you


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