16 thoughts on “4 days to go…

  1. Woohoooo. Can’t wait to get a copy Kate. Is it only mail order? Where would I get one. I’m thrilled for you my dear friend. 💟💛🌹💚💜


    • Taks dalring, I am thrilled too. I am actually trying to find out exactly that from the publishers! They have an Aussie distributor, but I have heard ZERO regarding how it will be promoted here or what outlets it will be available from… that side of it has been rather shabby, to say the least! Even knowing people have copies, before I have even seen a copy, was a tad upsetting… but as Jacinta say, “Toughen Up Princess”. After all, tis only a book! Anyway will let you know when I know xoxox


      • Kate, I follow your inspirational blog and you rock. Stand tall and be proud because you deserve every accolade and the best of everything. Walked into our local Angus and Robertson bookstore and they are ordering your book in for me, will take a month as has to come from overseas. They said the ISBN number is very important and it is 9781849056083, “What the Hell Happened to My Brain” by Kate Swaffer and Shibley Rahman, the price being $42.99 and will be worth every cent. Hope this helps. Breathe in the flowers and blow out the candle is something you can do to relax, as imagine your garden is beautiful and full of perfume if the pictures displayed are anything to go by. Love, Paula xox


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