The sun is still shining…

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 6.02.57 pmIt may not be true everywhere in the world just now, but here in Australia where I live, the sun is almost always shining, even in winter. It may be too hot some of the time, but the beauty and radiance of our clear blue skies and sunshine always helps one to feel like getting out of bed and living with radiance and productivity.

I have wondered that last couple of years if we might move to the UK, or even somewhere in Europe, but I know I would miss the sunshine and these beautiful sun flowers (thank you Red Ruth for sending them, all the way from the Highlands in Scotland!).

It has, as most of you know, been a hell of a week of highs and lows, and in fact at both end of the spectrums, almost one like no other. My book to be released on the 21st, another manuscript being submitted tomorrow, written with a co-author which I will talk more about very soon, and  as always, I woke up to another day when the sun was still shining. As Peter Allen said, I still call (and love) Australia home!

14 thoughts on “The sun is still shining…

  1. I do believe the sun would shine where ever you went Kate, but Australia is pretty special, we are so lucky to live in this beautiful free country, I am grateful for the sun even when it is 42 degrees and I am melting. The definite changes in season make me look forward to every season coming, (except for Queensland coastal towns the temp always seems to be the same even at night) for me though I most look forward to spring when the air is clean and fresh, everything is new again. Gives one hope.

    I so admire the honesty and reverence you bring to this subject, you speak from experience which makes it even more tangible for others without it. Thank you. I have already learnt quite a lot from reading your blogs.


    • It sure is girlfriend! and what a relief, I submitted the next book, co-authored with the wonderful dynamic, pocket rocket that she is, Associate Professor Lee-Fay Low from Sydney University today! xx


  2. Hi Kate you are very lucky to get lots of sunshine we get loads of rain in fact this year a large amount of the U.K. has been underwater. Down the road from where we live was about 3 feet or more underwater. It is so sad to see the damage that has been done. Some areas have been flooded twice or three time.


      • Hi Kate our problems are due to European beaurocrats. They say rivers are not to be dredged because the silt they take away is toxic. It hasn’t been for the years when we weren’t in the EU. Then they tell farmers to cut down trees and grow more food. Everybody knows trees are good for the environment and absorb water. Whereas in Austrailia you have lots of sunshine because of where you are. So think twice before you leave that beautiful country.


      • The ‘Bureaucrats’ have much to answer to, everywhere it seems! Even if we moved for a while, I’d have to come back as the sunshine is too much a part of who we Aussies are I think… x


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