Denise Craig to present at the National Dementia Conference in March

The 7th Annual National Dementia Conference will take place on 21-22 March 2016 at the Novotel Brisbane, and is proudly supported by Alzheimer’s Australia, the Australia Journal of Dementia Care, the Australian Pain Society and the Joanna Briggs Institute.

Day 2 of this conference, which I was a delighted to be a key-note speaker at last year, will open with the Denise Craig, who is a Senior Psychologist ACAT & Memory Service, Co-Chair State-wide Dementia Clinical Network, Queensland Health, and hugely supportive of people with dementia and our families. Denise changed careers due to a persona experience of dementia in her family, and advocates tirelessly for imp[roving services and care for people with dementia and their families. She also actively supports Dementia Alliance International members, and we are hugely grateful for her incredible passion and commitment.

You can read a transcript of an interview with Denise about her Enablement model of care for Providing Care and Support for People Living with Dementia here.

In question 5 of the interview, Denise was asked:

From your experiences, what is important to people living well with dementia, and how can the community make a difference in their lives?

“Denise replied: People with dementia usually tell me that they want to be heard, valued and included. They want to be respected for the person they have always been and the person that they are. They are often fearful of, or aware that, they are perceived as ‘fading away’ – when in fact they are ‘still here’, albeit with changing needs and changes in the way they communicate.

I think as a community we need to see people with dementia as individuals with a story to tell, with strengths, with needs and values and goals. We need to encourage and support, not leave them to struggle along feeling isolated, lonely and unworthy. We need to encourage everyone to live as well as they can, for today.”

See the full 2016 programme here, which based on the feedback during the research stages, the program will discuss a number of key issues in dementia care including:

  • Consumer Address- Living Well with Dementia, by John Quinn, member of Dementia Alliance international
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines for Dementia in Australia
  • Care of the Confused Hospitalised Older Person Program Enablers, Barriers & Outcomes
  • Powers of Attorney- Are they Worth the Paper they are Written On
  • Dementia Care in a Consumer-Directed World
  • Dementia – Everyday Psychogeriatric Practice
  • Post Dementia Diagnosis Enablement – Raising Awareness & Reducing Stigma
  • Enabling Occupational Performance
  • Living with Dementia – The Potential of New Technologies
  • Dementia-Friendly Communities in Australia – A Social Movement with Practical Application
  • Partnering with Consumers to Improve Dementia-Related Health Literacy
  • The Power of Nutrition in Dementia
  • Person Centred Care & Positive outcomes in Aged Care
  • Meaningful Activity Engagement for Persons Living with Dementia
  • Supporting Purpose in Everyday Life for People with Dementia
  • Understanding the Experiences & Needs of LGBT People Living with Dementia
  • Dementia as Part of a Person Centred Diversity Conceptual Model

If you haven’t been to this conference, you should consider registering NOW. The Early Bird rate is available until 19 February.

4 thoughts on “Denise Craig to present at the National Dementia Conference in March

  1. Will the conference include discussion regarding a) the disinhibited behaviours of people with dementia b) Difficulties associated with people with dementia living in Strata Title properties and their need to navigate the bureacratic daily process such as negotiating with owners corporations .

    I wish every success for your Conference. regards coleen greene (I removed your email for privacy)


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