My 101 on writing a book

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Write for between 10 minutes – 5 hours
Every single day
Bar for one regular day off each week
The time you choose only depicts one thing
How long it will take you to write a book

Turn it into an online blog
A blog, with followers is what keeps you writing
It makes it a conversation
It forces you to think beyond your own thoughts

Write every day, on the same topic
Keep writing, and keep writing
Follow your nose…
Find themes and topics that inspire you

Edit, edit and continue editing
But beware of editing
It might always stop you from submitting
As you will always find a mistake
Or something that needs changing

Collate the pieces
There you go, now you have already written a book
And how knows
Then, if your blog is public

A publisher might find you
And if that doesn’t happen
Strap your search lights on
And if you haven’t written enough words for a whole book
Go back to the beginning of this poem

And and start again even though some days
It’s just like cleaning the house when this kids are home
Or shovelling snow when it’s still snowing
But you just have to keep doing it!

18 thoughts on “My 101 on writing a book

  1. You have it down! And in a few days we will see the results of your writing! I am currently working on one of my own. The material already exists. Now to weave it together. Then to promote it. Not easy tasks. Keep on keeping on Kate (K³)


    • It is fabulous news you are putting your writings together too dear Michael… my second book,co-authored with someone for an Aussie audience, went in this week to the publishers here, so another on the way as well which is also exciting! I can hardly wait to buy a copy of yours xox

      ps there is a poem dedicated to you and Gregory in my book that you have on order xox


  2. Thank you Kate. My poems turned into a collection in 2015 – but a collection which is not finished yet. Thank you for the words of wisdom and the encouragement xx


  3. Thank you, thank you…just what I needed to hear. I am getting so near to the end of writing my dang Advanced Care Plan, that I can taste when I can start gathering all the parts I have written for my book and collating it. Most of my book is written and just needs bringing together (my favorite part). And, I suspect that it will be much easier to work on. And somewhere between the two, I shall likely be receiving your book (can’t wait) and be even further inspired. I am very glad for our meeting, and getting to know you…you have touched and improved my life in ways you will never know and words could never say. Thank you for opening up for me the possibility of living well with this diagnosis…I took it seriously, and I live very well now…thanks to you showing me it is possible. ❤


    • That is fantastic news to ALL – I am glad you took me seriously especially about learning to live beyond dementia, absolutely no need to take on the suffering the world expects, and pushes onto us all, nor the pseudo death given at diagnosis! Can’t wait now for your book either… talk about tempting me!! Love you to bit Faith xox

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  4. So that’s how you do it! Bet you get dragged in to 7+ hpd…..I need discipline to get OFF the devices!! It’s just too easy now that there’s no need to bury myself in the “study” with the old desktop.O dear, muscles wasting but brain awake.
    I love this one, Kate, very quirky. xx


    • Glad you like it ‘Doll’… quirky is ok too, that works for me! And yes, the ONLY way I can focus like I have the last few weeks is to not engage too much with social media, and perhaps the best way to do that is to remove it from your phone so it is not ‘there’ all the time and you can only engage when on the pc. That works well for me, then you just reload it onto your phone when you want to again. xox


  5. I love reading your blog Kate…you are an inspiration. .and you activate my grey cells in so many directions. ..Thank you for keeping on writing!


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