Everything comes to those who wait…

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 6.47.18 pmWell, today is actually the day! My book on living beyond dementia is officially released, although, as yet I have not even seen a copy; it is only a very few lucky people in the UK have actually seen it. So, when (if) I get a copy, I’ll take a photo and add it here!

It’s been a long hard road for all sorts of reasons, but finally, I have found this to be true; everything  does come to those who wait (long enough)!

Join me tonight for a twitter chat – ask your questions about how I live beyond dementia, and be in the running for a free book.  If you arrant on twitter, send them to me here, and I will make sure JKP tweet them, and I answer them!

This Twitter event is being hosted by @JKPDementia and Kate’s Twitter name is @KateSwaffer and the hashtag is ‪#‎LivingBeyondDementia‬. The LIVE Q&A to celebrate the launch of @KateSwaffer‘s new book on #LivingBeyondDementia is January 21st at 9.30AM GMT/8PM ACDT

The time for Australians for this Twitter chat on Thursday 21st January is as follows: SA 8pm – NSW/ACT/VIC/TAS 8:30pm – Qld 7:30pm – WA 5:30PM – NT – 7PM.   In the UK it is 9.30 AM and in the USA (sadly) it will be in the middle of the night (e.g. Washington DC it will be 4:30AM)!

This book, titled “What the Hell Happened to my Brain?: Living beyond dementia” and is available in Australian in some shops (e.g. Booktopia) and from Amazon.com.au, The Book Depository and Amazon.com. If it is not available in your local bookshop ask then to get it in for you, as they will.

I have to say though, it is a strange feeling, having worked so hard to write a book, having a publisher contact me, and then not seeing it before anyone else other than the publishers. In many ways like a real let down, and very disappointing, but I am working hard to not let that take away from what should be excitement and feeling proud.

It is exciting, and I feel proud of my hard work and contribution; but I also feel nervous, as unlike this blog, I cannot suddenly decide to make it private, where no-one can see what I have written! I feel nervous there will be errors, or that I will have upset some, as some things I have written talk from the other side of the story, and may upset professionals or family care partners. Too often, I feel, there has been kid gloves on about some of the issues I have confronted and written about, and so, it was my ‘gut feeling’ that I had no option but to write about them as I have experienced things.

Never, not even once, if I have offended or annoyed someone (and I do say in the book, it may annoy some), have I meant to. At all times, I have simply written from my heart, and tried to use logical explanations, analogies and examples to explain things. Sometimes this will have worked, sometimes not. That’s ok. Some will like it, some will hate it, some won’t have an opinion, and some won’t ever read it. That’s ok too.

I love you all, and respect and honour those of you who care for a person with dementia, just as I love and respect those of you who are faced with the diagnosis. It is one very hard road for us all, and we need desperately to understand each other. We must wear each other shoes, in order to more fully understand how hard it is – for each other! And if you live alone, then perhaps, whilst you may face some challenges those of us with a partner don’t ever find out about, you may just be better off in a number of other ways?

28 thoughts on “Everything comes to those who wait…

  1. Dennis, already has it via Kindle – trust him to be ahead! Well doll, the thing about not getting it first is that you won’t be tempted to read & criticize yourself before your readers tell you what they think & ask you what they’ve been dying to!
    This isn’t an academic event, it’s a celebration of all aspects of you. You have already influenced lots of our close friends who’ve never met you. We love and thank you for your unfailing honesty, huge spirit and incredible energy and vision.
    Go girl!! xx


  2. Firstly Congratulations with a big fat cherry on top my darling friend.

    You have written a book!!!!!! OMG. What a legend you are.

    You will never be forgotten Kate, because this is your legacy. This is your heart and soul, your inner personhood, all wrapped up with your strength and determination. No matter what is written it is ‘real’, and for that, we all are inspired by your willingness to share who you are in such a way that others can live better for having known you.

    Can hardly wait to get my hands on a copy. Woohoo. Crack open that bubbly and cheers to you hunny pie.



    • Thanks my beautiful friend… and another manuscript was submitted for a book devoted to people with dementia and their families in Australia, to be released later this year! I have certainly been too busy to be spending too much time on suffering from dementia, or on crying, even though last week the tears didn’t stop for two days!! love you to bits xx


  3. ((Hugs)) and congratz Kate…and you cannot please everyone, hopefully most are not reading it to judge you…but to actually find out what you think and how you see things. I know I love your blog. Sometimes you just need show up as you are, imperfections and all, and just shine your light out. With this disease, can no control much of how we show up. Cannot wait…so glad will be Amazon, can get right way. But you should have had first. You have dealt with so much in life…we think one day we arrive and we no longer have to deal with things, but things keep happening. Breathe…some of us love you just the way you are. ❤


  4. Hi Kate well the waiting is finally over congratulations and good luck look forward to a good read. I am sure it will help a lot of us when things aren’t going as well as we want xxxxx


  5. Sound the trumpets. Pour the champaign. Strike up the chorus. Everyone on their feet and dance and sing and celebrate this occasion for Kate Swaffer! So excited for you dear Kate!


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