I could live here…

I am delighted to share this very short video about Group Homes Australia, the one residential dementia and aged care group home I believe I would be happy to live in… and I would also love Maria who works there, to look after me! I don’t usually so actively promote private or any businesses, but this one is worth sharing, and hopefully, replicating. I really do hope others will invest in major change, and join this style of residential home care soon.

19 thoughts on “I could live here…

  1. Nice….Most people do care and that is something we must remember. In the midst of deceit and cruelness, the people still shine with caring and love….We just have to be proud and show it fearlessly! Hopefully you won’t be there anytime soon Kate, if ever…Hugs…VK


  2. when ai first saw the group homes idea I thought the same Kate. The way the RACF are now just can’t continue. Some of these facilities with share rooms and bathrooms, BINGO and set eating times just isn’t natural. Its not how we have lived our lives!


  3. How lovely Kate, thank you for passing this information on. I remember visiting Group Homes in the UK and was most impressed by the informality and relaxed care they offered. Their homes were undustiguishable from the other houses in the street. I spent a lovely afternoon in one. I arrived with my host armed with a plate of cakes and sat down with three or four of the people living there including the carer. I had no idea who was in care and who was doing the caring. A lovely experience for all of us. How lovely to know this is happening here at last – even in such a small way. Incidentally my visit was in 2001!


  4. Great to here from you Kate. How strange I was thinking of sending you a tune this morning from The Man. Can’t watch this clip yet as my Songbird is awake and in full flow. It’s amazing what a cup of tea does for a woman in the morning. Is this what Life holds for me as a Septugenarian?


  5. How wonderful. I know that Steve seems to relate well to children, and if he sees them in a supermarket, he will blow raspberries at them or just smile. What a shame that this organisation is only in Sydney – maybe there is hope that it will eventually become national. xx


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