“The Last Laugh”: seeing dementia differently

It never ceases to amaze me what I end up getting involved in! After asking Dr Mark Cross not to use one word on a Facebook page he had set up, we have connected, met over dinner, and are involved with a wonderful producer Alison Black in filming a documentary called “The Last Laugh”. Here is a trailer we have made for it…


42 thoughts on ““The Last Laugh”: seeing dementia differently

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  2. My dear and unstoppable Kate,
    What a brilliant video! You look stunning and your voice is more powerful than ever.
    I also really like your friend psychiatrist, Mark… And kudos to the filmmaker for bringing out such a great energy from you both!
    Do you think I can add Italian subtitles to this video and publish it on our YouTube channel and web site? I recently translated a video produced by the Alzheimer Society Ireland: http://wp.me/p4jsA7-tA
    Naturally, the video would be published with all the references/sources that you will indicate…

    Lots and lots of Italian hugs

    xoxo eloisa


  3. Well, what a treat to see you in ‘real life’ Kate, your a one woman marvel changing people’s attitudes one person at a time. Now with this film hopefully hundreds at a time. Can’t wait to see the whole thing. Well done:)


  4. The logic in this “trailer” is mind blowing. Alas too late for us, yet gives hope for all those getting that early diagnosis, and not having to see that brick wall or precipice. My hope is for the front line medical fraternity to take the essence of your “trailer” on board.


    • It’s the logic I’ve been saying for YEARS, and oh so slowly, people are catching on… sorry it is too late for you Jeff, but for the next generation, let’s hope it changes


  5. Hi Kate both me and my husband have just had the best laugh of the day I have only just read this as I was out yesterday it was absolutely great, my saying is the same as yours you live until you die. It’s uncanny. We had our first Good Life festival getting together people with dementia and their carers to show them how to live well with dementia this was put together by Salford university and People who are living well with dementia one of them being me. It started at 10 until 3-30pm the feed back has been absolutely fantastic. We had dancing singing a cartoonist called Tony Husband, a visit to Salford museum with a walk down the old street which has been erected in the museum and I showed them what the leisure services have put on for us to keep us fit physically as well as mentally, we really would be good together. Also the same thing was said to me not long ago that I can’t have Alzheimer’s because I’m too alert. I felt like saying what you said but controlled myself so I went through most of the tests again and hey ho they came back with the same diagnosis. I wonder why they think we should go straight down the hill. Keeping going physically is going to keep us going longer. That is why in Salford we as a Dementia Champions group are trying out everything going to see if it keeps us well because if we keep well it will cost the council less in care. I am going to show your little video to our next group. You are an inspiration and a great voice for people with dementia keep it up Kate xxxxxxx


  6. Hi Kate day Iwas diagnosed and. Day after was still ME treat us Normaly we all need to be. Needed So much research out there which is commen sense. God almighty
    Sumanuny. Of dementia. Is. Drowning. Us we will change this 💐💐💐


  7. Glenys here Kate. This is excellent. Firstly congratulations on being involved with such an important project. No-one else could have achieved what you are doing.
    Secondly, LOVED it. Absolutely cracked up, and played the end part over and over, laughing each time. You’re right, far better to laugh than cry. I look forward to seeing the finished product. Can I please share this?


  8. Sounds wonderful, Kate. We are so lucky, and enormously grateful for all you are doing. Can’t wait to see the documentary.


  9. OMG !!! you are a CLASSIC, I love the F bomb dropped* that’s the Kate I know and love. You have to advertise when you are going on stage we will be there with bells on. We may as well catch up in another state as we keep missing each other here.
    Love ya guts & bravery, Classic kate xxx


  10. What a treat to actually see you walking and talking in real life! Your impact on the world is and will always be huge Kate. How wonderfully you have turned your experiences into such a positive surge for betterment in the world…I’m honored to know you dear friend…Be well….VK ❤


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