Grateful for the positives…

14276510_1830062183889971_778805157_nYesterday I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker at a Baptist Care “Stories of me” event in Sydney; a long way, and tiring, but worth it as it is imperative our voice is heard or nothing will ever change. The event was really interesting. It is always poignant for me to listen to family care partners of which there were three who presented, as their pain is totally aligned with my recollection of being a ‘care partner’ of people I loved and supported, and who have died from dementia. I do realise the physical and emotional challenges, and also know that their pain goes on long after we die. It was MC’d by Nartarsha Belling, a journalist from Channel 10, who is a delightful young women, originally a country girl like me.  It was fabulous meeting and getting to know her just a little bit. She asked someone to take this photo  of us to show her mum, and then published it on her Instagram page!

I think I am on Instagram, but have no idea what my login details are, so will simply have to say thank you here!


This is a screen shot of what Nartarsha wrote on Instagram, as well as a response by my good friends Mick Carmody’s lovely daughter Melissa.

Thanks to them both. Grateful.


18 thoughts on “Grateful for the positives…

  1. Looking on the positives are so important Kate and good on you!I am so glad you live life too the full of make the most of every day-you never know what will happend next. Your perseverance and determination is fab!


  2. Kate,

    Thank you for your words and wisdom from the inside of dementia. Your thoughts have given me a message to pass on as a way of honoring my wife who passed in July of this year. As a pediatrician, I encounter a least one family each week that is dealing with dementia in a family member, and sharing your story and words helps both them and me. We are each in charge of our own value, despite those who might be so empty as to be “full of us”. Your value is immeasurable to me and to all those who listen.

    Love and prayer for you,



    • Dear Michael, Firstly, thank you so much for joining the conversation here, and for sharing your own loss. With tears, I can only say I am so glad my blogs helps in some small way, and am truly thrilled you have also told me that, it truly means a lot. Stay in touch as you wish… Kate x


    • Michael, what a beautiful post. Kate is indeed, a very wise woman. I just wish we could all get along more “harmoniously” 😦 In-house factionalism is something I’ve witnessed many, many times in charities/ health support organisations over the years. It’s never turned out well 😦 So sorry you’re going through this Kate {big big hug}


  3. Hi Kate you are an inspiration. Whenever I talk about anybody who speaks out for people with dementia your name is top of the list. I wish we lived nearer the two of us would be better than Batman and Robin. I know how hard it is to fight for PWD especially having to rely on others as well. When this happens you know who your true friends are. However since diagnosis I have made more friends who really care. Keep your chin up. I used to work for a company called the Carborundum that made grindstones. We had a saying non carborundum illigitumi. Which we read as never let the b——ds grind you down. So keep your chin up.


  4. We never know why people do what they do and say what they say. Life is interesting and if it wasn’t we would all be as boring and as tiresome as those that block us, delete us and choose not to continue participating in our lives and forget to tell you they don’t want you involved anymore. You have many more that love you and support. Like me xxxx


  5. I’m sorry you’ve been going through a “rough patch” lately. I will think happy thoughts of you and carry you in my Tonglen! I hope things will perk up soon. Hugs, Mary


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