R.I.P. Clinton…

Fly high Clinton...

Fly high Clinton…

Some very close friends of ours received the very worst knock on the door any parent or step parent could every imagine last Sunday… their 26 year old son had been found dead. I had just landed in Tokyo, and turned on my phone to this news via a text message. Of course, although I felt like flying straight home, we felt the best thing was for me to continue with my work, and I would see them when I arrived home a few days later.

It’s true to say I have been through some very intense grief of my own in my life, and understand only too well life goes on, but I still cannot imagine being told either of our sons had died… that is truly something only a parent who has been through can even remotely understand. I have cried many tears this week, and each time, feel dreadfully selfish, as this much loved young man was not my son…

No comments needed, nor tears for me…

Please, simply celebrate the life of this young man Clinton, and send your healing love to his family and friends who have lost a very special son, step son, nephew, brother, and best friend.  And I know quite a lot about grief, and therefore know our cells have a grief memory, so if you have grieved before (who hasn’t), then any new grief will feel overwhelming for at least a while.

The late Peter Allen was one of my favourite performers, and I was lucky enough to see him perform live. This song is all I can bear to listen to today. I have though, been crying out loud…

Ps. I suspect Clinton would hate this music, and would much prefer it was Rap music… but, it would not have helped me one little bit (also why I say grief is self-ish, in the sense that it is centred on self).

11 thoughts on “R.I.P. Clinton…

  1. Oh Dear Kate, you have said it so well and the music is perfect! We do all cry out loud with our grief even though others do not see or hear us and this sometimes carries on for some time but with the support and friendship of those friends who know and understand we get through. Your friends will be so lucky to have you there for them. Thank you for this post……………Elaine

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  2. There is nothing worst than the loss of your child. You never ‘get over it’. Having great friends who can remember and celebrate his life with you is wonderful as many try not to mention them in case you get upset. You obviously have great empathy and will be a great support to your friend.

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