Weaker sex, by Ken Clasper

screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-1-32-50-pmThis was written by a dear friend of mine living in Durham in the U.K. on his blog called Living well with Mild Cognitive Impairment , Bronchiectasis and Osteoarthritis. Thanks Ken for this honest male insight Ken, even though as you said, many of your male friends may not agree…

Weaker sex

Over the years I have heard many people saying that ladies are the weakest sex. 

But I have no doubt that this is wrong, and has been for many years

I often  look back,  at what I remember of my working days.

The number of times a  man was off with what was said to be flu, was unaccountable…

Read Ken’s full blog here…

Hard to believe, but I feel it would be rude to disagree.

4 thoughts on “Weaker sex, by Ken Clasper

    • Yes Chris, I did know that, but when you go to his blog, it says what I called it on my blog – which is where I got it from, so I guess he just hasn’t updated it… I’ve added a screen shot to the blog now, so as not to confuse people.


      • Hi Chris and Kate,

        I left the blog this way because of don’t remember what was said when I saw the consultant.

        I understood from Janice that the consultant is sticking to the original Lewy Body Diagnosis, so I guess that one day when I can think clearly, I will go back to change the blog heading again

        The consultant I am under at present is a high profile person In the Lewy body Field, so I guess he must be right.
        I had this blog post written out last year but never used it, but I have had a lot of interesting comments from men in the UK, many of who agree with what was written.
        So I guess that I am not alone in thinking this.

        Kind regards



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