ABC Breakfast interview with Paul Kennedy and Ali Moore

It was a privilege to be interviewed on ABC Breakfast by Paul Kennedy and Ali More, on 10 January 2017 in Melbourne. Almost better than that, was a family friend Jo Sullivan, a sports journalist who works there, who surprised me by escorting me to the studio (I had forgotten he worked there!!)! This is the interview:

Please note, the following comments are not a transcript of the interview.

Empowering other people diagnosed with dementia to learn to Iive with dementia, not simply go home and get ready to die from it via aged care (known as Prescribed Disengagement®), is what gets me out of bed every single day…

With 1800 new diagnosis every single week in Australia, surely it is imperative we all do this.

Receiving rehabilitation. and proactive disability support, AT THE TIME OF DIAGNOSIS, is why I see as our biggest challenge, and this is a basic human rights issue.

People with dementia are being diagnosed earlier in the disease, and the emerging evidence is clearly showing if we make lifestyle changes (e.g. as we would be told to do with heart disease), and get rehabilitation we can delay the progression.

The global response to the more than 47.5 million of people with dementia and the new diagnosis every 3.2 seconds has been slow, including in Australia, and only now is the World Health Organisation writing a Global Action Plan for Dementia.

The conclusion of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development , based on an exhaustive study of the world’s 38 richest countries is that “Dementia receives the worst care in the developed world”. Frankly, this is unacceptable.

Emerging evidence is showing it is possible to slow down and even reverse cognitive decline in some types of dementia, when diagnosed in the very early stages or at the pre dementia stage. We need to embrace this emerging evidence, or the negative impact to dementia care and our prognosis will be impacted greatly if we don’t.

Professor Dale Bredesen is proving with his MEND protocol it is possible to reverse cognitive decline in people with MCI or early stage Alzheimer’s Disease, with lifestyle and other changes.

We need everyone to get behind this research, and this way of managing people with dementia, as so far, the drugs trials for either a cure or for modifying the disease continue to FAIL.

Of course I’d like a cure, who wouldn’t?!

In the meantime, let’s just support people to live with dementia, with real support for the disabilities it brings with it, and without the stigma, discrimination and isolation we almost all currently experience….

29 thoughts on “ABC Breakfast interview with Paul Kennedy and Ali Moore

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  2. Congratulations, Kate. Yes, I’m still following your emails, etc. and all you do. Keep up the wonderful work. Marjorie Woolford.


  3. Dear dear Kate, You are a light in a dark universe – our brightest star. Keep shining a little light on your old friend and colleague, Judy, who speaks for those who live alone and/or without a Carer and who struggle to view the pathway, without that ray of light that is your generosity, and your understanding. So may SA be generous, too, and share you with Australia as their national heroine.


  4. Well done Kate! Saw your interview and you spoke really well and got the message across about the need to provide better rehab and disability support for people living with dementia and care. Interestingly, we had 2 Mosman Doctors pop into our Daughterly Care Aged care Advice Centre in Mosman towards the end of last year and they are opening a practice specialising in dementia and mentioned Professor Dale Bredesen’s MEND protocol. Hope you win Australia of the year.


    • WOW, that is music to my ears… I am really excited by Bredesen’s work, and to everyone who insists is is not possible to live well with dementia, all I have to say about that, is we once thought the earth was flat too…


  5. Thank you Kate, very inspiring and exciting to know there is so much progress being made in the field. Congratulations on winning South Australian of the Year. I hope you get the opportunity to spread the word far and wide by becoming Australian of the Year.


  6. Great interview Kate…we all have so much to learn and your advocacy for those living beyond dementia is fantastic and gives hope to so many others – care partners and others. Good luck with your Australian of the Year nomination…you’ve got my vote!


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