18 thoughts on “The roller coaster of life

  1. I’m struggling with the “dull” these days, but ever mindful that dull is relatively better than other “d” words. It’s interesting that we keep seeking constants, when change is the only reliable parameter. At least I am no longer seeking outward (to inappropriate others or substances) for comfort, and have found much inside (self love and compassion) to make the ride softer and easier. I love your little poem, Kate, and a reminder that “the game is afoot!”


  2. Oh that roller coaster I’m on has lost its brakes and it is out of control. This ride is both wild and mind blowing….Just when you think all is well the roller coaster car veers dramatically to the right or left and plunges down hill rapidly, around the corner then up and up…It is exhausting but I keep myself strapped in and I hold on tight! Hang in there Kate. We are survivors and it is our mission to be here recording in our hearts and minds what is happening…Stay strong my friend….Much love…VK ❤


  3. Hi Kate so true at the moment mine is ghastly as I have just lost my BUB to pancreatic cance but hopefully I will survive with the help of my friends


  4. I made that same comparison when I retired. I said then I enjoyed the ride with it ups and downs. Today 7 years later I am still enjoying the ride with its ups and downs. The climb has been quite steep once or twice since then with a few twist and turns but I can always see the up ahead when I am in the down slope. That is the advantage of age and experience I guess.


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