After the extreme unkindness (I’m being kind using that word) of others towards me late last year and early his year, and at other times in my life too, I understand fully the very negative impact of unkindness on my health.

The two images (screen shots used) are from the paper, The Healing Power of Kindness, which is a very interesting read; it is well worth the effort even if reading is difficult for you, or you need to get someone to read it out to you. It is a wonderful reminder to be kind to each other too, as not to be kind probably impacts our own health, and not just the health of those we are unkind to. Telling lies about a person, even ‘unsubstantiated gossip’ about any person, is a form of unkindness too, and of bullying…

It has been the kindness and unconditional love of a great many people including my husband and two sons and very close personal friends, and also the kindness shown to me by a great number of people I know online in my virtual world of friends and DAI family that has helped me heal. THANK YOU.


21 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. Those people are very bizzare on have no idea how serious dementia is-unfortunately i have a few of my family members who are strange-my aunty sue, and my grandma dinah are very odd-my grandad walks with a walking stick always now and cant walk far and my grandad always leaves the house every day and he is home alone feeling anxious-they are both self-absorbed. I will keep caring, and i always tell him about school and what i have been up to and if he repeats himself over and over again i just accept and cope with it and that its not his falt. Caring for someone with dementia is so important.


  2. kindness for everyone is sooo important especially for people with illnesses such as dementia(e.g frontotemperal dementia). You deserve to be treated with ultimate respect and your work is outstanding-you certainly are the definition of amazing. That is cruel how people pick on people with dementia, they may be a different person but they are still around in this world. Hope everyone is treating you well now. Dementia is a nasty disease that robs that life of people and there families and your determination and perseverance is awesome! Take care ps good on you for being an activist!😊👍


    • Kindness is totally underestimated Sam, or the value of it. Regarding dementia robbing us of our life, it may rob us of the life we knew, but so does other serious illness such as cancer. It changes us, but if we learn how, AND the health care sector supported us better, many more people would live more ositively with dementia. My husband says it seems that isis much harder for him, than it appears to be for me, watching me change. Take care…


      • Hi Kate, thx 4 yr reply. That is so true, my Aunty and Uncle are taking advantage of my Grandad and won’t even speak to him now, they don’t even give him a hug or a handshake. I dont get how people find it strange to give people with serious illnesses hugs or handshakes-they are not spreadable. That is so true, i want to create support groups for people with dementia and their families to go to so there families can interact with families who in the same situation and live a postive life and enjoy every moment. It sure is harder for the family members particulary in mine-my grandad has no idea he has Alzhiemers and thinks hes in ‘perfect’ health. Take care, sam


  3. Hi Kate,
    Kindness goes a long way, it is so true that it works better than pain killer or aspirin. You are an inspiration and makes me stronger in what I believe and fight for. I hope that I am in a right path of fighting for the rights of people who are diagnosed with dementia disabilities.


  4. Hi Kate,
    Thankyou for your post & it is a lovely reminder to us all.
    Sadly we sometimes live in a world these days where people forget that our compassion is the very root of our humanity. On their hamster wheel of always looking at material wealth – what does this person have that could be bought or sold (the start of human trafficking) they trade away the very heart of what matters – respect & kindness for others & the self.
    It takes a long time for good souls to see those with ill intent, I think it comes back to not wanting to believe – not wanting to think that another could be cruel & unkind. For in that such people always seem to hold hope. Those who scout for in others to have something of value to find, reveal their moral & ethical decline, the hate campaigns, the bitterness, the subtle innuendoes stand out. Kindness will always distance itself from a bully & a loudmouth.


    • Let’s all be kinder than necessary… we never know what is going on behind a smile, or a straight or even an angry face. I actually am now feeling sad for those who so actively defamed me with lies, as they themselves must be hurting a lot inside, even if they don’t want to admit it or realise it xxx


  5. Kindness is health-giving! Receiving it is like being wrapped in a warm cocoon and giving it brightens your day. So I wrap you in a warm cocoon, Kate, you deserve it. From Jan (not Alan) in cold Ballarat.


      • I love reading your blogs Kate

        I no longer design & build gardens since we shifted to the Clare Valley just over four years ago

        We purchased a vineyard and are making wine as and running a small art gallery and a bed-and-breakfast business called Bed in a Shed in our vineyard

        Kids have grown up fast , we are well and happy and feel very blessed

        I have very happy memories of working in your garden many years ago

        Thank you for the great example of encouragement that you are to so many Kate

        Andrew xo


      • I don’t see my comments.Can’t seem to post one. You deserve praise and for your tireless and heroic efforts on behalf of the dementia population. Also, I no longer have an active website. Steve Perlis.


      • Hi Steve, I have been adding them, so not sure why you don’t see them. In saying that, I may not get to it for days, as until I hit the ‘Approve’ button, they don’t show up. Also, FYI, I removed your email from the comment, for your privacy too, as other wise you will get scammers emailing you. Take care, Kate


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