Top 10 Ageing blogs

It’s a bit odd to find things out on social media about yourself, even good things, although also a great delight if it is something positive! I discovered via Twitter early today this blog has been listed in the Top 10 Ageing blogs by an organisation called Kindly Care, and hence I’d like to thank them for firstly reading it, but also for seeing the value of my work and words.

On the announcement page, it doesn’t identify me as a person diagnosed with dementia, which should be obvious (hopefully), when or if you read my blogs… I also had not been blogging daily for most of this year, but seem to be back on track, at least for now. Anyway, this is the tweet where I learned the news earlier today (I failed miserably trying to embed it!!)…


14 thoughts on “Top 10 Ageing blogs

  1. Oh Yeah!!!! I’ve always told you that you were here for this reason and you are. Of course you are getting good press Kate, you are changing the world a little every day. Glad you stumbled onto this as you so deserve it on so many levels. Keep pushing my friend. All the very best and much love….VK ❤


    • Dear VK… it is such a long time since I have chatted to you on your blog, but I read it and think of you often. still hoping we may meet one day! Sending lots of virtual healing love and hugs your way always xxx


  2. Kate, know that you are a tangible, reassuring presence in the lives of the many people living with dementia-just to know they are not alone; and knowing that while they may not find the words, themselves, to convey just how it does impact their life, that Kate will be their voice and will speak on their behalf. Such generosity and perseverance. We know how hard it is for you. Just fIndind the words is so exhausting. What a generous friend to us you are. Thank you dear Kate.


  3. With a blog as popular as yours (we’ve just started reading it going back it seems for years), they have probably done this to ramp up their own visibility… or is that the cynic in me Kate?

    Thanks for all you do for DAI and all of us with dementia, even those who do not get involved with the group except join as silent members! Your incredible global work must really annoy those who defamed you, so maybe you should take it as a compliment????????

    It might also be a message they are simply really mean and jealous people, or mentally unwell or wounded and hurting inside themselves so much, they have forgotten how to honour someone they seemed to say they were ‘close friend and family’ to. But they must be totally blind to what you do! (ps my wife wrote this, as my typing is not good anymore)


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