Not for your bucket list!

Ok, I’ve been a bit quieter than usual lately here, but I have had reason to be. On Monday of last week in the early evening, I missed the top step of our stairs at home, pictured here. Although I usually use a walking stick, or hold the hand rails when I am out, often I forget to do both at home as feel more relaxed and safer in my own surroundings.

During this unexpected but speedy trip down the stairs, I was also holding Mr Boris, as he was meant to be going into his cage to go to the cattery, to be cared for during our trip to Singapore.

Alas, we both fell (or rather, flew) down to the bottom, including me crashing into the wall resulting in significant damage to the wall, and knocking out the freezer power point plug out on the opposite wall in the kitchen, which we discovered the next day, only because the freezer was not working.

Of course, we cancelled our flights, advised my colleagues in Singapore who had invited me and were hosting the events, and also I posted it on Facebook, as it was the quickest way to let people expecting to see me at the events know why I was not coming.

The fall resulted in concussion, a trip to the doctor, and eventually a lot of swelling ad bruising, increased pain, and also needing new glasses. I suspect the cat and my BUB are both experiencing a mild form of PTSD over it. It has definitely unnerved me, and we are seriously now talking about real plans to remove the danger, and move our bedroom downstairs!

Following on from this unplanned stunt trick, on Thursday of last week, soon after a check up with my general practitioner Dr Barrett, I returned to his surgery because a deep purple rash had appeared and was spreading on my lower limbs; it had not been there an hour before. After realising my temperature had also spiked, the doctor sent me into the now old Royal Adelaide Hospital with a suspected meningococcal disease. This Β is definitely a queue jumper condition!!

After three days as an inpatient being treated as if it was a positive meningococcal disease, tucked away in isolation, the final tests results confirmed it was not MD and I was discharged, but had to go back to the new hospital later this week after it had opened, for more tests to follow up on what is causing what has been described as an “idiopathic vasculitis”.

The dramas of health issues and getting old seem to be catching up with me, but I definitely recommend not adding falling down a full flight of stairs to your bucket list!

31 thoughts on “Not for your bucket list!

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  2. Speedy recovery Kate! I broke a finger playing tennis this summer – six to eight weeks in a splint. Not nearly as bad as your experience but it’s reminding me how precious a healthy body is. Typing is interesting when one finger can’t bend … Pippa x


  3. So sorry to hear about your flight down the stairs Kate! So glad no broken bones for as we all age, breaking hips and stuff can be a real down fall…So rest a bit and off you go again πŸ™‚ Personally I think bruising and wrenching can be more painful than actual breaks….Emu oil for sure or Arnica gel will help tremendously. Get better quick my friend and again, so glad it wasn’t worse….I guess the hospital stay was creators way of making you slow down….Hmmmm…….Hugs to you….VK ❀


    • Thanks dear VK… the Arnica has had a real bashing, but I was unable to use it on my legs, due to the suspected MD, then continuing idiopathic vasculitis. Your last comment did make me laugh out loud though…. hmmm indeed! xox


  4. I wish you a speedy recovery and NO repetitions! I vote for that main floor bedroom – aa good idea for us all. Sending love and best wishes! Mary


  5. A very very lucky lady and of course Mr Boris, I saw the aftermath of the fall and the wall NOT PRETTY! please take it one step at a time from now on Kate πŸ˜† Here’s to a speedy recovery πŸ’“ by the way how are the new purple glasses???
    Annette xxx


  6. Bless you Kate! I know you’re a high flier but that’s taking it to the extreme! I would say take care but I fear that’s a bit too obvious, but I would advocate listening to BUB!! Be safe my friend and God bless xx


      • BUB and you are beautiful. No matter what curve balls you encounter – you still keep juggling and laughing. What an amazing inspiration you are to us all.


      • Volunteer for 3 Aged Care Facilities – have been told at one by the activities co-ordinator that those with dementia only have a concentration span of 20 minutes!!!

        How terrifying is that total lack of respect?

        Any ideas about change?

        Love is magic! Robyn


      • Wow, that is totally unacceptable!!!!! I would be very angry if someone said that to me. I’ve been trying to encourage change for about nine years, and only just feel like anything is changing. Others have been trying for 20 years. Many in the ‘sector’ still do not even accept they are the ones who need to change…


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