2018 and beyond…

Here’s hoping I can do a few of these things in this quote… and thanks to one of my friends and fellow dementia activists, Agnes Houston for alerting me to it! I had meant to publish a blog on New Years Day, simply to wish everyone a great 2018, but my body, mind and soul have needed, and taken some rest. I did however, say farewell to 2017 the day before!

Transcendental Meditation has been a daily practice since I was 21 years old, and Mindfulness is now also a part of my daily regime. Since my tumble down the stairs last year, I’ve been living with higher levels of chronic pain, and have doing more mindfulness than usual the last few weeks to see if I can manage it without heading to the high-end pain drugs. So far, it is working, and it has also ensured I have had deeper rest.

Reflecting too much on 2017 is still something I find painful, and so focusing on today, as well as looking forward is where I’m at! Hopefully, I have learned the lessons from 2017 well, and also wish you all a brilliant today and 2018.

One thing I am going to be more proactive about in 2018 is the plagiarising of not only my content, but that of others. For example, a ‘professional’ on LinkedIn re-wrote the words in the quote I added in the image here, which clearly states ‘Author unknown’, and claimed it as her own. I decided to add this image to her post, as a comment, although had no response! I’ve recently been blatantly plagiarised (again), and am choosing to do something about it.

So the only vague New Year resolution I have made is to call anyone out, if I notice they have plagiarised someone, including me!


7 thoughts on “2018 and beyond…

  1. I’m with you, Kate, on calling out plagiarism, which is probably going to get worse before it gets better. Happy New Year! No need to look back, we’re all going forward.


    • Thanks Lorrie… I am definitely going to be calling it out! I’m comletely sick of it, and also sick of being ognored by ‘authors’ who I contact when I find them stealing my work and with a minor tweak, claiming it as their own, but who choose not to respond! It is THEFT, pure and simple.


  2. Thanks Kate-i’m sure it will be good and hope your chronic pain decreases and you are enjoying mindfulness!Hope we meet up this year also if your in New Zealand!Take care and very best wishes


  3. My Dearest Friend Kate,
    Embrace the extraordinary privilege of engaging in this roller coaster ride, even though it may scare the shit out of us all occasionally. Nevertheless, in retrospect it is the most goddamn mental, magnificent, bat shit crazy, hell raising adventure of all.
    May we all unite together, to rejoice in seizing the sheer exuberance of a fresh, incandescent new year, sparkling with fresh sweet energy.
    As you reflect on 2017, envision how every year is comprised of a myriad of powerful experiences that establish the transition of your own personal life compass.
    As we traverse through the looking glass, nothing can compare to those significant moments in time, that ensconce you in a floating bubble of diversity, magic, rhapsody and madness.
    After all, life may be a smidge out of control, and random in its intensity, but I believe, somehow, that is what makes it so damn cool.
    Ensure your tribe and precious friendships continue to flourish, enhancing your path with a sense of simpatico and togetherness.
    Do we not define ourselves by those we hold close, thus our happiness is truly based on the kindred spirits who we cherish.
    Defy triviality and embody tolerance,sensitivity and grace. 💜
    Remember, each year is to be appreciated for the simple fact that we ‘live’, so never lose the wonder nor become complacent.
    Never ever accept mediocrity because lukewarm is crap, and instead, choose courage to follow your dreams. Challenge yourself to never waste time on regret, perverseness, bitterness nor criticism, as we always have the choice to become better versions of ourselves, and open our minds to what we DO have instead of bemoaning what we do not.
    Celebrate a super wild and wicked start to 2018 and pay homage to the experience of a lifetime, by making our charmed existence breathtaking and extraordinary.
    May 2018 be a year of phenomenal transformation for you my gorgeous friend.
    Rock on, charge headlong into your future with gay abandon, arms akimbo, do epic shit, laugh uproariously, and know you have the power and clarity of mind to pirouette to your own personal music.
    Don’t waste time on resolutions but live in the moment.
    I thank you all for the cherished memories created thus far, and can barely contain my jubilation for 2018, so we may share further awesomeness, hilarity, and wildness.
    Blaze a path of your own brilliance and illuminate the world!!!!!
    Happy New Year!!!
    Keep smiling, laugh often and love grandly.
    Leah. Xx❤️❣❤️❣❤️❣


    • Loving, laughing, still learning forgiveness, occasionally crying… but shining my own light, and joining others as they blaze their own as often as possible. Lots of lots gorgeous gal xxx


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