Living with dementia is better than expected…

If people would proactively and positively support us to do so, and stop telling us all to go home and prepare to die, via aged care, living with dementia can be far more positive than I ever expected. I was interviewed in Singapore last year when support the Singapore Alzheimer’s Disease Association in an article in the Straits Times which you can read in full here. There are a few very minor errors in content, and having my age of diagnosis noted differently in two places, but overall, it is a really positive, respectful and well written piece. A pleasant change to work with a journalist who wants to write the truth, with no have hidden agendas.

20 thoughts on “Living with dementia is better than expected…

  1. Wonderful article Kate and wonderful interview-well done-loved watching it! Wow, you have had lots of different career changes and the foodie buisness sounded awesome! Like you, my Mum grew up on a farm too in Pukekawa which is about 50 minutes away from Auckland. I didn’t realise that there was semantic Dementia-something i have learnt today. Your an inspiration Kate and you have coped amazingly well. Awareness is key and there are many different types of Dementia which affects different parts of the brain. Must order your books soon-looking forward to reading them!


      • Thanks Kate-i will. It’s really lovely of you to ask about my Grandpa-much appreciated and thankyou. He is really confused and his speech is deteriating and speaks with a crockey voice now and isn’t speaking much and can’t engage much in conversation-totally in la la land. He has started going to a thing this week for free on Wednesday and Friday.


    • Hi Kate, i was in a rush in the previous message so didnt have time to complete it so just pushed anyway!He can’t walk that far now sadly, and is now taking his seatbelt off in the car. Travelling out of Auckland(where we/they live)is getting too much for him as he gets really tired and 20 minutes after he arrives home he forgets where he’s gone. He wandered once in December, and doesn’t engage in conversations much now sadly. He has home help 5 days a week in the morning to help him get ready, shave him and shower him. A lovely lady called Coco takes him out on a Monday for 4 hours for a drive, lunch, and sometimes a movie and he enjoys that. He has started going to this Dementia centre with a friend who was in the same year at school who has severe Alzhiermers like him-there levels of Dementia is about the same and started on Wednesday-i hope he enjoys it-its for 4 hours which is wonderful and gives my Grandma a break. He goes on a Wednesday and a Friday and will keep going until he dies or is bedridden. They carpool which is good. He is still at home, but the only reason why he is still at home is because my Grandma is in good health but she looks stressed always now and i feel she is struggling to manage caring for him-she has been caring for him for 7 years. We are worried that it could have an impact on her health. My Grandma rung up the otherday saying she was worried about my Granddad and that says something given she thought he was “pretty good” when he was “officially” diagnosed. We don’t know how long he has left. We say that we would be lucky if he wasn’t in care by this Christmas if he is still around. Hey, how much do your 3 books cost?Am keen to read them!Should i email you or you email me?I can perhaps give you my email address and then you remove it from here?Let me know your thoughts, best sam


    • Hi Kate, thanks for that- i don’t have a kindle so i will hopefully get it through amazon. She is lovely and we are so grateful she takes Grandad out-not sure where we would be without her assistance.


  2. REALLY enjoyed reading the article in the Straits Times. It said some great things about you ….. but then we already knew it! 🙂


  3. I was undecided what to Blog today as so many good things are happening here. However, it has to be a Reblog of this – the other stuff will wait. Hoping we finally get to meet when I’m over your way in April.


  4. Great article Kate, real and positive…Actually describes my Barbara too…Like you I just wish more people would realise that you can live well with dementia and that its not catching. Barbara is doing well but our biggest battle is company.

    Love your work



    • Thanks Jack, and as you say, company, or rather the lack of it makes it very isolating for many. I’m delighted I still have many life time, and newer special friends who make an effort to stay connected xx


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