Social media brings with it a lot of benefits for those who feel isolated, or simply want to feel part of an online community, but it also brings with it, a lot of unkindness. Too many people write things they would probably never say to your face, and the evidence for kindness is growing. It is also very cost effective in terms of aged and dementia care! Due to more recent online slander, lies and cyberbullying, I’m republishing this blog from last year…  Think before you speak (write): Is it kind?

11 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. Wow Kate!! I’m SO sorry it’s happened to you a-g-a-i-n!! 😦 Is this person someone with a medical reason for their bad behaviour? Because these behavioural problems can be a symptom of dementia & other diseases too …….. but then you know that. Sending you big H-U-G-S!!


  2. So agree with what you have said here Kate-another brilliant post😊I am on social media(facebook)only to keep in touch with friends-there are some advantages and some disadvantages of it. It just depends what you write on it and who your friends with. One disadvantage is cyber bullying.I love that saying “think before you speak” so true and everyone should be aware of that. My Grandad is loving his free things on Wednesday and friday-we are soooo pleased👍


  3. Kate keep on putting out the stuff that matters ….. it’s heartbreaking that people are unkind . Sadly it’s an epidemic . At the shops recently 3 shop assistants I spoke to that day were upset by how customers had behaved towards them …. I don’t understand some people’s need to be cruel when they themselves would be up in arms if they or their families were treated this way … guess we just have to keep on being positive and create a better community through our acts of being kind ….


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