Monica Lewinski on cyber bullying and shaming

I’ve been reading and processing a lot of literature and published content about cyber bullying and defamation over many years, and now, more particularly, the impact of this on people who are diagnosed with dementia. This particular TED Talk is worth watching, and has informed my thinking; at some stage, I hope to publish a blog or a research article on the topic.

Monica says in this talk: “Millions of people can stab you with their words, and that is a lot of pain, and there are no perimeters on how many people can publicly observe you, and put you in a public stockade. There is a very personal price to this.” Online, it is also very public and more sadly, is permanent; even if someone edits or deletes their post, someone has taken a screen shot and can easily continue to share it. She goes on to say, “they have a lifespan of forever.”

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 1.45.39 PM


11 thoughts on “Monica Lewinski on cyber bullying and shaming

  1. So impressed with her presentation! Sadly have to admit I probably was one of her condemners when it all burst onto the news, we learn so much just listening and showing compassion.
    She was so young and when you fall in love it can be explosive and glad there is awareness and increasing awareness of bullying – but there are too many lives still being damaged or lost!


    • I’m sorry to think I probably judged her badly too, much more so than the man she fell in love with which just shows how far we’ve come. Now the men are also included. But public shaming of anyone’s mistakes, poor judgment or decision to get divorced, have an affair etc, are no one’s business. Time for non judgemental compassion


  2. Powerful and much needed dialogue on internet bullying. I agree with Kate; bullying anyone is dispicable; bullying a person with dementia is far worse because bullying is an attack on the mind; attacking a wounded mind which by deficit lacks the ability to properly process or defend the attack, is the equivalent of sneaking up on and attacking someone in a wheelchair, from behind. It should never be supported but sadly, there are those who thrive on the pain of others.


    • Agreed. We are much less capable emotionally and or ‘cognitively capable’ of dealing with the harm it does us. And it really destroys our ability to ‘paddle’, meaning function. Having had the impact of it impact my PPA, and stop my ability to speak at all for almost 2 days this year, and a few weeks last year, I know too well the damage that is beyond the harm of bullying someone who is well. And I saw how ‘fragile’ you were after being attacked a few weeks ago. IT MUST STOP!


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