A good death

I’ve written a lot before today about death and dying, and grief, illness and loss and even betrayal, and posted a fabulous TED Talk a few years ago titled “Prepare for a good end of life”.

I’ve attended to my Advanced care directives ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yp4Z2OoSde0 ) and other end of life matters, and even once had my own pre paid plot, which I ‘lost’!

Before I had turned 17, I had watched numerous patients die in hospital, held the hand of one of them, supporting her through until the very last breath.

Sadly, although also deeply grateful, I even learned to ‘lay out’ the body of a school friend who had died in a road accident. In contrast, I also witnessed three births in that same first few weeks.

Birth always ends in death.

We will all die, so we may as well make it a good death, and live well before the end!

Don’t wait to get sick, start planning now and tell those you love how much you love them, as often as you can.

With or without dementia, I’d like to suggest living in the moment…

7 thoughts on “A good death

  1. Hi Kate,I am enjoying reading your thoughts and articles. Thanks. I must have done something wrong but I can’t access your article after this one,
    Carers: the new narrative
    by Kate Swaffer
    Are you able to help me to find it? I’m not as savvy around the old computer as I used to be!!??
    Take care. Cheers Ann


    • Sorry to appear to confuse you, but it’s my fault! I accidentally published that blog instead of saving as a draft, as I wasn’t finished writing it. Hope you and Timothy are doing ok? X


  2. Kate was/ have been thinking lots about how to get dementia folk supporting end of life choices.. As like myself that bed ridden death row ward which is ahead is simply disgusting. Both my parents close friends in one in casino which I can/could not visit after one time. While they have a Drs signiture for brain capacity decision. They can be a strong voice in letters to parliament when the dying with dignity bill arrises in their states. Dementias end of life choices are not accepted presently. So numbers needed. No human should have to live out their prrecious lives in that type of ending. I still am haunted by sharing that trauma with my mother.and now abandoning my two friends hubby and wife both have it and in their late 60s only and my last visit made me sick never to enter again. So first their advanced care. Directive after truth about their dementia ending their lives.so you can enlighten truth facts. As also asking their every day until they cannot.and to have that peace of mind to have our choices to spare us that present style of existing in that disgusting star. Would free us all up to just focus on the living.🙋


    • Ooh two errors I meant focusing to seize our every day without the ahead state of living bed ridden in that end of life ward. Why bed ridden?as memorie has gone for bowels/walking eye. My my mother/many friends booster into showers in a hiost to walk fed nappies beautiful positive people reduced to existing this way. Destroyed all their self worth and us who share such sadness and trauma with them. As all I have shared with have mostly know have lost all capacity to have any control . All this heart pouring out Kate to you may be as you don’t view. But you ope ned a little door nd could not miss going I’n.😃


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