Planning Ahead – Living with Younger Onset Dementia

Planning Ahead is about taking control of your future. It is about putting things in place. It means that your choices will be known and acted on if you cannot express them yourself at some time in the future. This may happen if you have a sudden accident, become very ill or develop a condition that affects your memory and your planning ability. Thinking about your future and making your wishes known in advance can help reduce family stress and conflict during times of crisis.” I made this video, at the request of the SA Department of Health…

Do download the form and make your own Advanced Care Directives, or register and login, then complete the form online here

17 thoughts on “Planning Ahead – Living with Younger Onset Dementia

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  2. What a brilliant video. You get across this very important message so very clearly. I am embarrassed to confess I’ve not even written a Will…note to self to get ALL these aspects of life sorted out ASAP! Best wishes, Kate x


  3. You did a great job Kate!! Thank you for being part of such an informative video on a very important topic. I think anybody in receipt of a government pension should have one


  4. I will watch it later as things are rather dynamic at this moment in time. Once we accept that our time on earth is finite we can only live better. Now who was it that keeps reminding us to live each day as if it is our last?


  5. Kate This eloquent and succinct video clip on the Net is most appropriate to introduce the subject of dying and ACD in a practical and common sense. It has your stamp of experience on it and I request your approval to place this onto the RSL COMMUNITY CARE website at . Take care and travel well. Mickey Michaelis Canberra 0488998381

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    • Yes, that’s why I said in the video our children did theirs too, as they were over 18… very important conversations to have together, and always better to not have to have them at health crisis point.


  6. This advanced planning is important for everyone, no matter or if the ailment! It was in our case the first thing we did on receiving Gregory’s diagnosis. Mine is in place as well. Having discussed and made plans early on helped me guide Gregory’s medical services and helped with decision making as he was no longer able to do so. Talking about these kind of decisions can be difficult and at times depressing but we found it felt good to be empowered with making decisions while we could.


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