24 thoughts on “The loneliness of dementia

  1. beautiful words Kate, reading them is like reaching into some heart.
    More focused on making sure everything I do, is in some way making life a little better for a person living with dementia.


  2. This is so true, Kate Swaffer, equally for the person with Alzheimer’s and for the care giver. In my case, it was my wife with the ALZ and me the all but sole care giver. It was devastating for her and depressing for me. I agree wholeheartedly with #KateLambert (above). For me to cope, it was poetry that saved me and gave me the strength to carry on. Everybody should have something of their own to keep them strong. Thank you.


  3. Do not feel lonely or ashamed, as we are all here applauding each person with dementia and especially yours and others abilities. Happy Easter! Love, Paula


  4. Dear Kate, Thank you for your honesty… It helps to understand your feelings .. I am studying at present and your input on the MOOC video was so insightful and moving. Bless you and your family this Easter.


  5. Beautifully written Kate. Families and Caregivers / support workers need to hear what living with dementia actually FEELS like. As it gives us the insight we need to be aware of and it inspires us to be gentle and emotionally intelligent in our enabling support and care. Can I please publish this on the Daughterly Care blog attributed and linked to you? Its a perfect reminder just before Easter and should encourage patience and loving kindness.


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