I lost my undies…

In March, when I started this blog I went out to the clothes-line to get in some washing (mostly my underwear), and the line was empty. I went inside and thanked my husband for bringing in the washing, but also felt a little confused, as he would not usually put my clothes away, and I had not seen any piles of clothes anywhere! I then freaked out slightly, and said to my huband, “someone has stolen my undies”! Apparently, this does happen, but it had never happened to me. Eventually, my husband very gently said to me, “You brought the rest of the washing in a while ago, and folded it up and put it away.” 

Memory really is overrated…

Footnote: I needed to post something lighter today, as my heart is still very heavy with grief for Boris..

12 thoughts on “I lost my undies…

  1. Oh I love the stolen undies story, I think it could lead to all sorts of imaginings: the adventures of your undies. It reminds me of a time when holidaying with friends and some undies did disappear and we made up great tales about the travels of the undies. I do so enjoy your posts Kate, thank you. Diedre


  2. Mundane tasks are so easy to forget. Frustrating though!!!! When my undies go missing, it is usually that they are still sitting in the washing machine from the day before.

    Hang in there, and thanks for the smile. Here’s my contribution – “Is an undies thief called a Knicker nicker?” (sorry, best I can manage!)


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