Another Bredesen Protocol update

As it is still Brain Health Awareness Month, the focus of my blogs contnues to be on brain health! A colleague I’ve posted about before, and possibly on my (now inactive) Living Beyond Dementia™ website, Dr Dave Jenkins, a general practitioner who has been working in this field for many years now, also with positive results, has sent me another exciting update.

Read this exciting paper he sent me last week, Precision Medicine Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease: Successful Proof-of-Concept Trial, which you can download here. I’ve added a précis of the results from the article, Conclusions and Relevance below:

Results: All outcome measures revealed improvement: statistically highly significant improvement in MoCA scores, CNS Vital Signs Neurocognitive Index, and AQ-C were documented. No serious adverse events were recorded.

Conclusions and Relevance: Based on the cognitive improvements observed in this study of patients with Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment, a larger, randomized, controlled trial of the precision medicine therapeutic approach described herein is warranted.

And if you missed this paper from 2018, have a read of it now; Reversal of Cognitive Decline: 100 Patients

There are of course, still a great many sceptics out there, but for me, and a growing number of people with MCI and with a cpnfirmed diagnosis of any type of dementia, it is the closest thing we have to HOPE.

4 thoughts on “Another Bredesen Protocol update

  1. We have followed Bredersen’s research for the past 8 or 9 years, starting with his paper on reversing dementia in 12 patients. Although we did not have him prescribe a plan for my love one, I studied what he had done with each of the patients and replicated it with my husband. His disease is still progressing 9 years later, but it is progressing very slowly. I credit the vitamin supplements and life style changes we put in place after reading Dr Bredersen’s research. Thank you for sharing this latest!shrq


    • That’s great to hear… I too have ‘loosely ‘followed (not under a Bredesen practitioner), and also believe this paproach, plus adding in intensive and very regular rehab such as increased exercise, speech therapy, OT and neurophysiotherapy, and dietary changes, have slowed mine down too


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