Rejecting care?

“Dementia care is caring for people

Who often do not know they need care,

And don’t want to be in care;

No wonder they may become angry and upset.”

Author: Kate Swaffer © 2012


Also published in: Love Life Loss, A roller-coaster of poetry (2012) Graphic Print Group, Richmond, SA and “What the hell happened to my brain?: Living Beyond Dementia (2016) Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, p 239.

4 thoughts on “Rejecting care?

  1. We know that it is difficult for people with dementia to cope with lots of people, noise, activity, being rushed etc and yet the model of care we offer to those in need of care away from home is full of people, noise, busy-ness and being time limited for personal care routines, eating etc. Therefore translation of knowledge and education on this does not make it into practice. We are committing an unpardonable cruely when we place people in the exact situation we already know they will not cope well with. Better funded models of at home care plus small house-hold residential care models are crucial.


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