A few things…

left unsaidAs always, there are still a few things to do when someones life ends, a few loose ends, a few things you’d wished you’d always done, a few things you wished you’d never done, a few people who wished they had seen you more often, a few people who you wish you had seen more often, a few people you wish you’d seen less often, always a few loose ends. Christmas is like that, For those of us who send cards, as we write them, we wish we’d been in touch with some of our family and friends more often than Christmas. Then New Years eve comes along, and some of us make resolutions to tidy up a few of our loose ends, find that new job, start a course of study, lose those extra pounds, or mend those broken relationships. Always a few things…

A diagnosis of any terminal illness, dementia included, virtually forces a person to review their life more closely, and usually leads us to tidy up a few of those loose ends. And with terminal illnesses other than dementia, most people make the effort to cement their relationship with you, and to spend time with you. The tragedy of dementia is hardly anyone recognises it as a terminal illness, and the stigma and discrimination means many people retreat. I feel really lucky as many of my friends are still here, by my side, many of them closer than we were before even if we don’t see each other often. Yes, there are some who have disappeared, but ultimately if they do still love us, one day it will probably affect them more than it has us.

The online community has opened up my world to hundreds of new online friends, and this support has become significant and important to me. And as my world slowly disappears, and the isolation caused by the disease, exacerbated by not driving increases, having friends here makes up for my disappearing world. So will ever get those last few things done or said? Probably not, but blogging gives me a damn good chance at least of expressing more than I would if I couldn’t blog. Computers, iPhones and iPads are almost the last bastions of communication, the one place where people still chat. Thank goodness I can still use a keypad!

Limestone - the Keith Hospital CookbookIf you have a few things still to get for Christmas gifts, if you live in Adelaide and are looking for a Christmas present for someone who loves cooking, look no further… click on the link to Robyn Verrall’s blog about Limestone – the Keith Hospital Cookbook. Dillons Bookshop Norwood, 169 The Parade Norwood (South Australia) is stocking the book and there will be celebrity signings by people like Simon Bryant there on 22nd December 2012 from 9:00 am – 5:30 pm. If you live overseas, there is also an online order form.

2 thoughts on “A few things…

  1. As usual, a great post Kate. I can so relate to everything you’ve said.

    I did a “bucket list” after my diagosis of cancer and I said everything I had to say. And I’ve lost many of my friends with the dementia diagnosis, however mine isn’t terminal (it might have been if I didn’t have the right treatment at the right time) …..

    And yes, my computer is my “social life” as I’m rather housebound with serious fatigue and other issues. About 12 years ago I even wrote to the inventors of email in the US to thank them for their invention 🙂

    I’m soooo glad that I live in the 21st century 🙂


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