DAI’s next Café Le Brain Australia, NZ, Indonesia & Japan

CAFE LE BRAINI would like to welcome you to the monthly online Café Le Brain for Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Japan. Check your time zones if you live outside of these countries, as it may still suit you.

People living with the symptoms of dementia and their supporters including professionals, are welcome to attend. We use video conferencing technology to bring people together for conversation, learning, support, and fun. 

Our guest speaker is Dr Denise Craig, a psychologist who works in Cairns, and who in her free time, runs the Younger Onset Dementia Facebook Support Group.See more about the topic and Denise’s bio below.

Date: Friday, June 19, 2015

Register here



  • Adelaide: 12:30 p.m.
  • Brisbane: 1:00 p.m.
  • Sydney: 1:00 p.m.
  • Auckland: 3:00 p.m.
  • Tokyo: 12 noon

The Café runs for approximately 90 minutes. To find out the start time in your city, click here

Hosts:  Mick Carmody, DAI Circle of Friends member and Gayle Harris, DAI member.


Denise has identified a need for doctors, clinicians and society in general to better understand dementia. Life doesn’t end with a diagnosis of dementia!

Unfortunately though, people newly diagnosed are often left to grieve and somehow just try to cope with their new reality. Often, attention and support is immediately directed to a ‘carer’ and very little support or guidance is actually offered to the person who is diagnosed and who is now trying to make a new life.

“Get your affairs in order” is actually much bigger than completing an Enduring Power of Attorney! We should ALL get our affairs in order by getting on with living our best possible life.

Accordingly, Denise is currently leading a team of multidisciplinary clinicians to construct evidence based ‘post diagnosis care pathways’. In other words, this document will give guidance to doctors and any other clinicians or counsellors about supportive ‘rehabilitative’ referral options for a person diagnosed with dementia. The document is designed to point out options such as the benefits of referring to an occupational therapist to help maintain independence, a dietician to give advice about a healthy diet, a psychologist for counselling and so on.  It might be that you want to get involved with community groups, study something, or travel? The goal of this project is to keep you doing the things you’d really like to do.

This session is designed to be interactive, it is not a lecture! Denise will share her thoughts about the project and your feedback will be very important. Maybe you can think about what you were told after diagnosis that was helpful or unhelpful? What do you wish you had been told? Where did you get good information and support/guidance? What help do you wish you had had? What advice would you give others after a dementia diagnosis?

Come along and share your ideas. We will all be glad that you did.

About Denise Craig:

Denise is a psychologist dedicated to supporting people with dementia in many and varied ways. Having cared for her mother who experienced Young Onset Dementia, she now provides dementia advice and advocacy with a focus on living life to the fullest. Denise works closely with the Cairns memory clinic, providing counselling, education and onward referral support for people diagnosed, their family and care providers. She is the first non-physician to co-chair the Qld Statewide Dementia Clinical Network, through which she supports systemic improvements to dementia care. She created and administers a support group for people with Young Onset Dementia on Facebook and she says, her goal is to help empower and motivate individuals to maximise their quality of life.

4 thoughts on “DAI’s next Café Le Brain Australia, NZ, Indonesia & Japan

  1. yes i get very frustrated now i not want to be with my old friends or want to go any were iseem to be loosing all my things i loved to do and friends to be with its all too much even though they seem to under stand me i dont feel part of them any more so frustrating in these changers i go to a group wich is good i get mentley so exusted now so one thing a day is now a limit so frustrating


  2. Will Denise be considering the benefits of massage in the rehab and caring process? I massage in Aged Care and a Dementia Specific Unit where I also work as a PCA.


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