More on dementia and love

On Day 7 of Dementia Awareness Month this year, I wrote a blog called  Dementia and love, and there was a lot of feedback on it. One reader, who is a woman in Nigeria doing amazing things for people with dementia there, made this wonderful suggestion in her comments to the blog yesterday, which I re-shared on Facebook yesterday.

Kiki said: Beautiful blog, Kate! There needs to be something partners can reach for as often as necessary, especially when they’ve had a bad day, and partners appear distant, and the right words elude them. Perhaps a personal photo or keepsake with “I Love You” or similar words inscribed might serve as reassurance for all parties. All one has to do then is to pick up the object, and feel the warmth that they know is still there between them.

I love her idea, and do know, my husband and I keep all the little love notes we write to each other for when we are apart, so no doubt, they will be helpful to him when I get to end stage of dementia. I certainly hope so. Anyway, to make sure my husband and two sons have something to remind them I love them, I have added this:



16 thoughts on “More on dementia and love

  1. Beautiful. Kate you are so inspiring and your blog makes me laugh, cry but most of all think and question. Thank god for your insight x


    • You are an amazing care partner too Paul… and I have missed a few blogs, as so over tired from the Dementia Awareness Month marathon, but kept thinking, I must write a blog for Paul!


  2. What a wonderful idea and I love the hats! It has helped bring a smile to my face on what has been a pretty sad day as I’m 2 weeks into a month long trip away from my 3 boys- missing them all terribly x


    • Haha, yes, I found out it was to be a hat party the day before, including “is it possible to have a hat shaped cake please mum?” If I can find a pic of that, I’ll add it, as I managed to make a sombrero cake!


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