2015 National Disability Award Winner: Emerging Leader in Disability Awareness

2015 National Disability Awards, Finalists

2015 National Disability Awards, Finalists

Last night in Canberra, I was the joint recipient of a 2015 National Disability Award as Emerging Leader in Disability Awareness.

All winners were asked to give an impromptu speech, and although I managed to, I was very emotional, and found it quite difficult to say all the things I should have said!

I forgot to thank my husband Peter Watt and my sons for their undying support and encouragement, and also forgot to thank so many others.

Hopefully I did say that this award means a lot to me most of all because it recognises the 47 million people with dementia in the disability space, which is where we rightfully belong, just as any other persons with any other disabilities are recognised and supported.

We have a human right to better care and support, and away from Prescribed Disengagement ®, and with continuing advocacy, people with dementia will be recognised globally under the United Nations Conventions of the Rights of persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Currently, Scotland is the only country I know where we are actively recognised under the UN CRPD. The picture I have added is of all the finalists, and as suggested by my dear friend Lynda Henderson who nominated me, her partner the wonderful Veda Meneghetti both involved in the Kiama Dementia Advisory Group, and my BUB, I did end up wearing a ‘little black dress’!

This award is for all current and emerging members of Dementia Alliance International, for the 47 million people currently diagnosed with dementia, and for those who are receiving a diagnosis today and into the future. At the global rate of a new diagnosis every 3.2 seconds, this is perhaps the most important recognition dementia can receive. Thank you to the organisers, and to the judges for this important recognition.

36 thoughts on “2015 National Disability Award Winner: Emerging Leader in Disability Awareness

  1. Congratulations darling Kate. This award again reinforces to us all how crucial it is to listen to those who actually live with dementia. Only those who live, day by day within this reality, are the experts.

    You are an inspirational, shining, sparkling light to those people who live with dementia, but also to those working in the field.

    You provide hope. You provide reality. But most of all you show us all, how living with dementia does not mean losing oneself.

    You must be so very proud.
    You are my hero.

    Love and smiles my friend.xx


  2. well deserved dear one, im sure BUB and children know you love them endlessly. As my hubby and I are immensely proud to know and love you endlessy also. once again my darling freind well deserved.xxxxxx


    • Thanks dear Faith… I am doing it FOR ALL OF US, and for all those diagnosed in the future. It has to get better sooner or later, as there is, as you too and so many others have also PROVEN, much life to live beyond a diagnosis of dementia. xx

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  3. Hi Kate,
    Congratulations Kate! for working so tirelessly as an advocate for people living with dementia and to demonstrate there can be a life of ongoing purpose, meaning and amazing potential beyond a diagnosis.
    Well done for all those who don’t have a voice.


  4. WooHoo!!!! Alright Kate! Way to go. I am so proud of you for all you have accomplished on this journey where others may have given up. You are filled with endurance my friend. Wonderful news. Be at peace within for all you have done….Love and hugs…VK ❤


  5. Congratulations Kate! For your great job for people with dementia is a great movement for every one with or without any disability. And you look very smart in your black dress!


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