One of the benefits of an early diagnosis of dementia


To be discussed in more detail in my soon to be released book, What the hell happened to my brain?: Living beyond dementia.

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16 thoughts on “One of the benefits of an early diagnosis of dementia

  1. I ordered your book today. I can’t wait to read it for various reasons ~ thank you so much for being so brave to share your experiences with the world as you are helping countless people and families. Bless you ♥


  2. Kate, V & I sometimes wonder how our lives would’ve been different if I’d known the outcomes of her psych testing 6 years ago (3 years before her dementia Dx). We would’ve been able to plan better, perhaps I would have re-organized our lives so I could keep on working part-time, perhaps I would’ve had support from my family… I certainly wouldn’t have beaten myself up about changes in V’s and my relationship. I also would’ve had more time to educate myself about dementia before things started to progress fast.

    But it’s a very private thing, finding out about one’s health.Sometimes denial is the short-term “solution” for the person.The other has to respect that.

    Looking back, I’m glad we had to deal with V’s disabilities “blindly”. I’ve known V & supported her for nearly 10 years now – had I known what was happening to her way back then I wouldn’t have committed myself so fully, would’ve forced myself to NOT “fall” for her, would’ve decided that I couldn’t do the supporter thing again, wouldn’t have dared put myself through even worse grief than I had been through with my late partner.

    Life is strange. Much love to you. xx


    • Life is strange indeed dear Lynda. And yes, it is very individual and private. My comment was based on the fact it has ben impossible, since writing, to stay inside the oft desired denial bubble! It really is such a happy place, at least for a while ❤ ❤


  3. A link to Amazon is a fantastic sign ….. the book is almost available! Congratulations!! I absolutely LOVED the “About the Author” … you are a very accomplished woman ….. you’ve actually accomplished more academically since your diagnosis, haven’t you? (that’s how it reads …) 🙂

    And to everyone in Australia ….. the Book Depository is cheaper than Amazon because it doesn’t charge you postage…..


  4. That is so true about an early diagnosis. Might I add it not only empowers the person with dementia but also those who love and live with that person so they are empowered to be a better, respectful caring partner team.


  5. We are fortunate to have time to plan for future not everyone has this. Once you realise you are still ME only way to deal with this was to be protective and make most of life still have much to do
    Best wishes Anne x


    • Yes, I agree with you Anne, we are fortunate indeed as knowing early allows you to make all the tough decisions before the illness takes over, and truly encourages you to live every day as if it is your last, just in case it is! xox


  6. Hi Kate I’ve pre-ordered your book and looking forward to reading it. My new kitten is trying to help me type this quick note too lol. I’m enjoying having a kitten to play with and so is Max but he occasionally gets a big rough. Time will sort that out. Take care my dear friend and lots of love to all. Tess xx

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