My office has younger onset dementia

a perfect messThere was a time when my house was immaculate, the pillowslips AND the sheets were ironed, and in fact, ironing as a topic here has been a bit hit in the past! Everything in the cupboards were aligned, all clothing in the wardrobe and drawers were ironed perfectly and in neat piles, or hanging with matching coat hangers , and my office, desk and filing system were always immaculate as well, never ever a thing out of place; at the end of every day, the desk was clear, clean and dusted!

Without fail, I was always also able to locate any file, any book, any receipt or other necessary documentation simply by going to the filing system. Then I learned that there was more to life and being neat and tidy all of the time, and stuck a sign on my fridge that said. ‘Only boring women have immaculate homes!‘ It seems that worked… and I am no longer boring (BUB – no comment on that please!!!).

It took me years to be more relaxed about the clean and perfect home; even my nursing friends once nicknamed my house ‘The Shiny Sink Academy‘. Actually, my home always still looks ok, not always perfect, usually now many layers of dust, but still ok to live in and cleaned by someone else often enough that we don’t die from anything. It’s a lovely home, and I feel lucky.

But the office and my filing system continue to be a disaster, and it was only last week that I realised why.

My filing system has got younger onset dementia! No treatment either, no cure, and no medication to slow down the symptoms. And the poor thing can’t even get itself out to rehab or change it’s lifestyle! So, you see, there really is no hope unless I can find a volunteer office assistance, and that will need to be one who does not have dementia.

In looking for a copyright free image, I came across this book A Perfect Mess, and of course, will now be getting a copy to see why staying in this messy state of affairs might actually be good for me!! And as it is Monday, and many of you are heading out the door to work, if you are wondering why you spent all of your weekend cleaning the house, this might be helpful.

24 thoughts on “My office has younger onset dementia

  1. I think that a messy environment is just another symptom ….. I have it too!! My room is so untidy, messy, unkept looking …. I keep things I have started or want to read or do etc OUT so I can see them …. but now there is SO much that the piles are spilling over everywhere …… I can SO relate!!

    But I’m secretly glad that your place is as it is …. because that means you’re spending time doing what YOU WANT to do, and it’s so inspiring and helpful for so many. 🙂


    • If I had added the photo I took of my desk, you would have laughed!!! And yes, I am spending time doing things I am interested in and enjoy, and even if I wanted a tidy office now, there are better things to do! 😉


  2. My office, and the garage is a disaster area. ‘Everything in it’s place and everything in it’s place’ has dementia: so no hope for me now! Where on earth did I put that ……..


  3. I am always amazed at people, such as all of you and my wife, that are super organized. I am not. My organization consists of piles of material (papers, books, magazines, etc.) that have loosely the same theme. To find something specific, I became an information geologist and could locate what I’m looking for in the proper strata. However, with dementia, that is no longer the case. All piles have become comingled, and it’s like finding the Holy Grail when I locate something. But I do find it fun to discover lost treasures when looking for something. This of course drives my wife crazy.


  4. HI Kate, I am a new follower after seeing insight on SBS. Have a special interest in dementia as I care for my mother who is 90 and lives at home alone still with it. I have to say, I must have missed the invitation to the Shiny Sink Academy …. thankfully it has never appealed to me 😀
    Look forward to reading more of your blog



  5. Hi Kate, I’m occasionally free for a couple of hours in the afternoons and will be your office assistant. We can talk about that when we meet for dinner on the 4th. See you then. Love and hugs Tess

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