37 thoughts on “Sign up for the “Awakening from Alzheimer’s” series for #WAM2016

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  3. For me it´s been a wonderful exercise of thinking and a challenge to change life style for better ways.Of course some day one of us or all of us will die! Life is an adventure that has a beggining and an ending !!!Be sure of that! But live with quality, deal with food as a necessity not always a big pelasure, exercise our bodies… that´s not so difficult! We have some enemies nowadays- food, esay food, full of carbohydrates and other stuff for keep them for one year in conditions to eat and drugs- pills for evey symptom of every kind! We must do our homework and teach our families!!!


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  5. I work in pharma research & development. Hope this series is not a sales gimmick. I do not believe that there is a magical pill for every condition, alzheimers being one. Billions have been spent, and there is little to no efficacy. I pray we can find a way to treat this devastating condition.


    • I hope so too… even the so called cures we keep reading about, are more of a gimmick. Although everyone is nobly trying to find a cure, I’m glad someone is prepared to go out on a limb and see if it is possible to slow or reverse dementia with lifestyle changes and other non pharma


  6. I disagree with the fear-mongering and inaccurate statements made in the video from the start. For example, the man speaking about his father says Alzheimer’s “had destroyed the person who he was.” My personal experience is that that was absolutely not true in the case of my mother. The person who was my mother was clearly still there, and I saw her clearly until the moment she took her last breath. I think statements like that feed into the existing mythology around the disease and the people who have it. They cause people to believe that outward losses in capacity = loss of personhood. I think perpetuating those myths does a real disservice to changing the way people see people who live with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.


    • I think everyone’s experience is different, my mother was there for many years however for the last 5 years of her life that was not the case! I can say with certainty that I feel like Alzheimer’s disease destroyed the person who she was before dementia – only a shell remained of her in our eyes for those last 5 years. I am so glad that was not your experience.


    • I’m sorry AmazingSusan but I have to disagree with you. Maybe all are not ‘destroyed’ but my mother is. (2017). She probably has a combination of 3 dementias (frontal, AZ and Lewy Body) and she is NOT the same woman that my mother was before this. She had an endoscopy 7 years ago and has NEVER been the same. We never really got to ‘say goodbye’ as in someone that has cancer or the like. It’s been a long long 7 years, up and down, down and up. It has taken a toll on our dad, but he has trudged through taking care of her a vast majority of this time (8 months in memory care/nursing home during those years). She is finally in an assisted living facility for permanent stay and I’m very sad. She doesn’t know me or other siblings, and dad only here and there. She always anxious and meds help a little, but there isn’t much more we can do. People say, OMG, I have cancer, but I tell you if I had terminal cancer I’d welcome it over AZ any day. I could at least say my goodbye’s and get my life straight with the Lord. My mother never had that opportunity.


  7. Hmmmm. I remain skeptical Kate. In fact, I’m pretty much a complete non-believer in these kinds of events which in my view play on people’s fears and give them false hope. I think the best ways to “prevent” Alzheimer’s disease are essentially the same as the best ways to “prevent” any other disease. But even if we live the healthiest possible lives, there’s no guarantee of not having cancer, ALS, ALZ, stroke or whatever. And the indisputable fact remains that we all die of something.


      • Well, I’ve signed up just to see what they have to say. I believe an open mind is the best kind, but I’m averse to this kind of knowledge marketing whose ultimate objective is always to sell something (books, supplements, courses, etc.). The cynic in me will be tracking how much is information is provided versus how much sales speel is delivered 😛


      • I’m glad you have signed up… and also that you remain cynical! It is, from my perspective, the most promising of all the research going on, but of course, it has had some negative media. The cynic in me says that has come from the drug companies… if we find ways to slow down or even reverse cognitive impairment without drugs (as many of us are already living examples of anecdotal evidence it is possible), there is no money in it for them. See you there!


      • Trying again: I listened to the first session and left this comment:

        “I certainly agree the drugs don’t work, and people are being prescribed too many dangerous drugs that may cause dementia-like symptoms – it’s all about BigPharma making money. But if you say you are “reversing” Alzheimer’s by taking people off drugs that are causing Alzheimer’s-like symptoms then you are not “reversing” Alzheimer’s, you are restoring people’s health by taking them off harmful medications. That’s not the same thing at all. You are not reversing Alzheimer’s disease because they don’t have Alzheimer’s disease to begin with.

        My mother was on NO medications. Zero. None. Her dementia was definitely NOT caused by medications. However, the quality of her life was definitely HUGELY negatively impacted by giving her antipsychotic drugs for no reason other than convenience and cost saving after she began to experience memory and cognitive loss.

        She never had any issues with blood sugar; she always slept like a rock, and never had sleep apnea. She didn’t have bladder infections (or at least not until she went into a long term UNcare facility), and neither did she have candida (i.e. no post-nasal drip, no gas, etc.).

        You are not talking about reversing Alzheimer’s disease. You are talking about addressing dementia symptoms that are NOT caused by Alzheimer’s disease but by other health issues such as over medication, diabetes, sleep deprivation, and UTIs.”


      • I’m not sure I was talking about dementia caused by medications… and agree with you re the misuse of anti psychotics, as you know. I was not talking about reversing Alzheimer’s, the Awakening series which I highlighted here is though. And if dementia might be caused by poor lifestyle choices, then getting healthy will possibly end up being the right course of risk reduction (already evidence on this) and reversal. We should all be addressing our health, to do our utmost to avoid all sorts of health consequences. It won’t PREVENT, but it probably gives us a better chance of avoiding some of them.


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