What is dementia? Part 2

There is no time today to write a blog, or for anything other than adding this graphic, which is also from our book, Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another dementia released last week. Like the umbrella graphic from a couple of days ago, this does not outline every single symptom, but is an overview of what to expect from damage in the different areas of the brain. Again this was produced by my BUB, but the information within the boxes comes from Lee-Fay and myself; we felt a simple graphic like this would be helpful as an overview of the disabilities caused by the various symptoms of dementia, specific to which area of the brain is affected.

Source: Swaffer, K & Low, LF (2016). Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another dementia, New Holland Publishers: Sydney, p 15.





4 thoughts on “What is dementia? Part 2

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  2. There is no wonder there is an “industry’ in trying to get ‘cures’ look at the simplicity of the brain and the complexity of the disease. Well written and easily to understand xxx

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