Row your own boat…

This was some advice I was given yesterday, by the wife of the current  Australian Of The Year Local Hero South Australian finalists’ wife, given to her by her mother Betty. I guess I am late in learning this lesson, and have certainly learnt it the hard way this week.


Love everyone

Trust no-one

Row your own boat

and now, thanks to Valerie, this is the correct version:

Love many
Trust few
Always paddle
your own canoe

16 thoughts on “Row your own boat…

  1. Hello Kate I met you at a conference last year and you have been an inspiration in helping me to make sure my husband Allan has the best support and care unfortunately Allan lost his battle with YOD Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia last Tuesday Keep up your excellent work Chris Jones

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  2. Great advice however it is too late for me. In this eara everyon is rowing their own boats I was a helper on the side now I am rowing my own I think

    There is a saying that if, your mould is set it is hard to brake and reshape but I am trying.


  3. Hi Kate Have you had trouble this week? For being so articulate despite being sick? At the “Adventure with Dementia” launch yesterday a journalist questioned Russ’ diagnosis 😦 Take care of yourself. Good luck for tonight! Gail

    Sent from my iPad


    • Thank you Gail… being accused of not having dementia is very commonplace, around the whole world, so for now, until people are more educated, and kinder, my only advice to Russ is to have a go at educating them, which often fails, or ignore it, and treat the person with the contempt they deserve. Hugs to you both xx


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