Congratulations to the National AOTY Winners

2017-national-winnersWe spent the last few days in Canberra for the  National Australian Of The Year 2017 Awards events and ceremony. My sincere congratulations go to the four national winners, all very worthy and remarkable recipients. All 32 finalists were truly delighted they were nominated to represent the nation, and we all wish those now representing our great country well in their new roles. I’ve added a few images from our few days away, though cannot remember names of everyone, so if you are interested, that is now your job to find out who they are, if you don’t recognise anyone!

There have been moments when winning the state title has brought on a few of the very worst experiences or moments my life, but this last week, it has felt like we were totally wrapped in a cocoon of love. I remain eternally thankful and grateful for the love and support of my friends and family, and my global dementia friends and community.

I am also grateful, and wish to thank the incredible support of the national and state Australia Day Council teams, as well as the National Exhibition Gallery staff and curators. They have all been the most professional, caring, supportive and thoughtful staff and incredible individuals I hhave ever had the pleasure to work with. You have made us all feel welcome, cared for, and are all examples of great Aussie Heroes.

17 thoughts on “Congratulations to the National AOTY Winners

  1. A great and gracious post Kate. Each and every finalist an amazing Australian. We were barracking for you here at ours. Your being awarded SA Australian of the Year a deserved recognition of your unstinting drive and work towards a better understanding of living with dementia. The work continues and I’ve no doubt that you will continue the work. All the best to you, your BUB and your boys in the year ahead.


  2. A great post in acknowledging the winners Kate – mind you, every single finalist was a deserving winner. A fantastic bunch of amazing Australians. Your winning of the SA Australian of the Year a brilliant recognition of an amazing and proudly South Australian woman. We were barracking for you here at our place to get the national gong. The work continues in any case. Great work from you and your BUB. All the best for the year ahead.


  3. Was totally priveledged and honour to b there to celebrate the few days with you my dear friend kate.saw so many exciting things in canberra and met the most wonderful people.i will treasure those memories for the photos collaged as you have done, love you always my dearest friend. xx


  4. Dear Kate, you are an inspiration to so are leading an army of people aiming to get their voices heard..stay the is not a sprint, it is a are so loved and admired


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