Preferring not to go home and die…

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Living beyond dementia
Is tough
And sometimes even fun
But many days are torture

Days spent finding files
Many more losing them
Only functioning at all
Because of the support of our BUB’s

More than occasionally
We want to give up paddling…
And, it seems, one or two might prefer
I just stayed home and died…

Finding support from others
Also living with dementia
Friends who have become family
Who truly believe you

People who know
Exactly how hard the struggle is
Is also the key
And the most powerful antidote of all

To living beyond dementia
Is to not go home and die
At the time of diagnosis
Via aged care

Mick Carmody, Agnes Houston, Christine Bryden and many others living beyond dementia know exactly what I mean!

Copyright Kate Swaffer 2017

19 thoughts on “Preferring not to go home and die…

    • Thanks Liz… Sadly, the journalist, and those who defamed me, need exposing, as I feel a responsibility that this must not ever happen to another human being with dementia or any other terminal or serious illness. Silence, when you know something is wrong, is just as wrong. xxx


  1. Dear Kate, My heart aches for your pain, trapped inside a body that fights you. And my heart aches with love for you in your tireless effort to reach out and help others despite the pain. Mary


  2. All so true.
    I’ve been adding more to a presentation this afternoon, for Ballarat’s ‘Small Acts of Love’ Dementia Symposium in February, about new friends and support from others, in my case especially from Glenys. It was a good exercise to reflect on and do. Just as you have many times.
    But we are all too busy to just go home and die at the moment Kate. Too busy.


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