Continuing to Live Beyond Dementia™

On one of my other websites Living Beyond Dementia™, I have posted part of an article from The Radical Respite Project. Living beyond dementia is still not overly acceptable publicly, as the media still wants the stories of ‘tragedy and suffering’, and when people with dementia refuse to go home and die via aged care, they are still being accused of not looking like they have dementia, even of being medical frauds as I found out rather publicly. 

This will change, and I feel positive enough to even say it is already changing.

Frankly, if we don’t look at lifestyle and diet changes to better manage dementia, there is no hope, as the search for the ‘magic bullet’ (a cure) is still so far away from every being a reality, even if making lifestyle changes is not a cure for dementia, it does improve our quality of life and with support and the appropriate strategies and changed attitudes, will increase independence.

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