Reminders life is good…

Waking up in the morning to find you still have a pulse

Hanging out with positive people who support you

Going for a walk or run

Great food

Good bullet proof coffee

Listening to your favourite music

Smelling freshly cut roses

Meditation or Mindfulness, or both

Trying out something new

Joining a group of like-minded people

A walking group, a book club, a fishing club

Spending time with your children, if you have any

Finding a life partner who loves you for the person you are

Taking an occasional risk


19 thoughts on “Reminders life is good…

  1. obviously you’ve “opened a can of worms” – sorry, I love the fishing! a great “reason” to stand next to the lake or stream, and breath in all that is Good, and soak it in with the eyes as well. MUCH more than a taste bud can do over a cup of coffee. I like the Mindfulness as well. nice blog, I appreciate your reminder. Maybe you should have added, “reading an unknown friend’s POSITIVE thoughts on Life” as a reminder Life is Good! be well, your unknown friend, Momentummikey 🙂


  2. My contribution – Immersing yourself in things that you’re passionate about

    This is something that’s in my control – unfortunately most things you’ve said in your post are out of my control eg. can’t smell or taste properly at all …. everything tastes terrible! 😦 , plus have lost all my friends bar a few that are always too busy with work & kids etc plus live toooo far away, plus too fatigued to be able to drive & attend groups like quilting group (not to mention that with a large group there is tooo much sensory stimulus that overwhelms me …. do you know what I mean?) So basically …….. “if it’s meant to be, then it’s up to ME” 🙂


  3. Agreed-it is soooooooo boring especially hot days when you want to swim!I normally have a water with breakfast but sometimes a smoothie!Hope he has a good time in Auckland-how long is he there for?First time?You have a good time too👍


  4. Very true Kate and i love that-thakyou for sharing💜I always look forward to waking up and commencing a new day and doing those things. I am so blessed to have friends and family in my life and its always important to have positive people who support-i always love hanging out with my friends and enjoy there company, great food, and chats about anything or everything. I also love listening to music-i normally listen to it when i have breakfast!I listen to Bruce Springsteen and the rolling stones-my favourite currently but changeable though! Trying out something new. Although, i am not a fan of fishing and coffee though so won’t be doing that😅😅so glad you have so many supportive people in your life like i do and all your other blog followers sound lovely to and nice you have a few NZ ones!Your friend Leigh(who you mentioned in a previous blog post)sounds lovely and sounds like she is doing great work for Dementia foundation. Hope you husband enjoys his time in Auckland-a bit cooler today though so i’m sure he acclimitized no doubt!


    • I’d give fishing a big miss too Sam! But one coffee each morning is good for me! My husband is not arriving in Auckland until Friday, he’s there for something called ‘Meatstock’ as he does the advertising and marketing for Weber bbqs Australia and NZ. Have a good day ⭐️⭐️⭐️


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