Where is ‘Wally’?

These days, ‘Wally’ can be anywhere, and by Wally, I mean things like my files or a book, or my jewellery! My belongings seem to have developed identities of their own, and have even become quite mobile, as more often, I cannot find my ‘things’ anywhere! Thankfully, my phone can be found by some clever App my wonderful husband has, even when it is turned off. Phew! At least it can be found, that is, if it is in the house when I am home.

My office is totally ‘out of action’ in terms of me finding anything most days, and as I hunt for files or books, I sometimes find them in interesting places. I often never find them either! No longer is there even any vague systems in place for my office to be tidy. There are piles stacked on top of piles, and others piles stacked on the top of the filing cupboards, on the floor or hidden away in cupboards or in the drawers of my desk, Many dating back to before the ADI conference in Budapest in April 2016!

Much of the time now, I’d quite like to be my cat!


10 thoughts on “Where is ‘Wally’?

  1. Kate – this has been me for the past 20 years!! But your Wallys are only back to 2016 …. mine have been here since at least when we moved here 8 years ago and I had a tiny clear-up!! But I don’t even know a lot of the things I have in all the different trays because I’ve forgotten them by now 😦

    So we’re all in good company!!


    • Mine go back 10 years, although obviously started before the diagnosis… giving them a humorous name seems to have helped! As you say after a while you forget anyway! Also why I deleted all my emails from one account recently 😹😹😹


      • If you’re giving a lot of things a humorous/funny name, then could you do a blog post listing all the things that you’ve giving funny names to? The only one I use is this one (although I’d love to have one for my constant need to wee …… anything from 15 to 60 minutes …..)

        Mine – If I had another brain, it’d be lonely 😉

        (ps – don’t reply to this post, as I’m not going to come back to see any reply that you might post …..)


  2. Kate please reclaim your wally with GPS attached to important items. Keep working and fighting mind over matter. With affection. The leader of the wolves is the oldest and slower and heads the pack ‘


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