Kahlil Gibran to the rescue

I’ve been a reader of Kahlil Gibran for most of my life, and his book, The Prophet is my favourite. Last night, I had my very foundations of my soul and heart shaken to the core, after receiving an email from someone I thought to be a true friend and remarkable dementia advocate, suggesting the work DAI does is not up to standard, but with no explanation why. Everything I do, and that we do, is with love, and to serve others…

Thankfully, this morning Kahlil Gibran came to the rescue reminding me it is not possible to please everyone even some of the time and never all of the time, and that with love, comes pain. I awoke to a Brain Pickings blog titled: Kahlil Gibran on the Courage to Weather the Uncertainties of Love. In this post, “Gibran offers an incantation of courage. They spoke to my soul and heart with such clarity this morning, I felt compelled to add the first few lines here:

“When love beckons to you, follow him,
Though his ways are hard and steep.
And when his wings enfold you yield to him,
Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
And when he speaks to you believe in him,
Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden.

For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you.”


Read the full incantation on courage and the blog on Brain Pickings here…

22 thoughts on “Kahlil Gibran to the rescue

  1. Oh Kate-i am so sorry to hear this and i hope you are okay and i am thinking of you and sending lots of love and hugs from NZ. You are amazing and all your work you do for Dementia is amazing and i am not sure how i would have survived my Grandads battle with Alzhiermers if i didn’t follow your blog-take care x


  2. Kate things like this happen and often the reason can be nothing to do with you. I have lost count of how many times I was cut to the quick when I was teaching and every time it hurt. I am afraid it is part and parcel of dealing with human beings. NO I am not going to say “suck it up and keep on moving” because that does not work but the only way I have found that works for me is to trust in the soundness my own judgement and my fundamental wish to act in the best interests of others and I know your judgment to be sound and that you most certainly wish to act in the best interest of others.By far the greatest thing about humanity encountering as challenging as dementia is the sheer effort that has been made to research and combat the disease medically and just as importantly those who tirelessly advocate to make those living with it have worth while and valued lives. Far more good news has arisen from this situation than bad and that is what we all need to see when confronted with any set back. I hope I have made sense.


    • Thanks Colin… now that I’m officially a ‘Senior’, and have jsut applied for my Seniors Card (woo hoo, free buses!!!), I am also just about wise enough to not let if effect me too much. That ols saying, “W reason, a season, a lifetime” is clearly true, and as much as I still love this person, it seems she was only to be in my life for a season, and I feel blessed to have had that.

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  3. Wow that sucks Kate, unbelievable.
    Love and hugs from your friends in NZ
    Keep Looking Up. Your work has been a tremendous help and encouragement to so many here.
    Take Care. “Kia Kaha” Stay Strong


    • Thaks for the “Kia Kaha”… possibly the Aussie way would be to say, “S**t happens”, far less polite and meaningful! Life goes on, and with one new diagnosis of dementia every 3 seconds, and new members joining DAI every single day, there is far too much to still do to stay in the sad lane.


  4. Hi Kate,

    Sorry this person has hurt you. Perhaps they were having a bad day and you got the brunt of it. It’s not fair, with all the effort that you put into supporting all people with dementia, but sometimes life is just not fair!!!! Take heart and recognise the voices of all those around you who will always be there when you need support. Empty criticism, without explanation, is pretty useless, so I can only recommend that you try to let it go and focus on all the success stories that surround you, Take care my friend.

    Warmest wishes,


    • As my longest running nursing friend, and farmer and I often say to each other when something is going wrong, or hurts, “Toughen Up Princess”. If I survived people who used to be i my life from late 2016 (RG, CC, SP, CP and PS-M-B), and I did, I can survive ANTHING.


  5. Dear Kate, I don’t know of any person or organization that is perfect. Somebody once told me “if you haven’t made mistakes, you haven’t undertaken a difficult task”. What we do every week is a difficult task and we most likely have made mistakes. Good friends will always see through our mistakes because they know we didn’t wake up today looking to make a mistake. Therefore, good friends will point out our mistakes so we can learn from them. To pass judgement on a friend without explanation does not help either party grow. I am truly sorry this has happened to us.


    • Thanks Jerry, and it has happened to ‘us’, and this hurtful behaviour directed to me and the board, in reality only hurts all people diagnosed with dementia 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  6. Just stay true to your heart Kate. You are on the right path. You and DAI are an inspiration and lifeline to many of us. Lots of love & hugs x


  7. Hey darling,
    I’m so sorry that someone you believed in has wounded you. It’s not cool and makes my blood boil that you have again been taken advantage of.
    Life can be fraught with wolves in sheeps clothing and those of us that work from the heart often get duped because of our inherent belief and hope that humanity, in general, are true.
    These people always get caught out in the end though, and thankfully Karma is a b*tch!!
    This is not due to anything you have done so know that you should never change who you are, because it’s your divine self that is most important.
    Also try not to hurt too much and know you do have true friends behind you, who would do anything for you.
    Pity this person because after all, it must be a sad miserable existence to be a pathetic, lying betrayer.
    At least you can look at yourself in the mirror and know you are way way better than that.
    You are a shining example of what we all aspire to be.
    Sending you loads of love babe.


    • It saddens me most of all, as it was done with no explanation. How can any of us improve if people deny you the courtesy of knowing what upset them. The D factor just means dealing with life’s reality – some will love you, some will leave you, some will hate you, some don’t care – is that much more difficult. xxxxx


      • It saddens me for you darling.
        I can feel your hurt and wish I could wipe it away.
        One thing life has taught me is you can’t cobteol someone’s loyalty. Especially if they are a dirtbag to start off with.
        Anyone that tries to pull you down, especially without the decency of an explanation, is unworthy of your friendship and is a coward.
        No matter how good you are to them these people will never give you the same in return.
        No matter how much they mean to you, doesn’t mean they will value you on the same level.
        Integrity, morals and values- Tis rare but know you do have these people in your life. Hold on to them and let the riff raff go my friend.
        Don’t let any person dull your shine.
        Cheers to the haters!!!!!There is much more to come!!!!
        Love you. Xx♥️💜♥️💜♥️
        Ps. This friend and dementia advocate adores you to bits and hopefully that makes you feel a little happier within.


      • Sadly ‘dirtbag’ was not what I would ever have called this incredible person; like us, I truly believed a real Warrior.

        Sadly I was wrong, as anyone who refuses to give an explanation is not a true warrior or a loyal advocate or friend.

        Gutless is your word, but probably true, as much as my heart can hardly bare to believe it of this particular person 😢😢😢


      • All I can say is you don’t deserve this Kate and I hope that you can take solace in those that are real friends. I am sure it puts doubt in your mind about everyone, but try not to let one person taint how you feel about the rest of the incredible people who do love and support you.
        With you all the way darling.
        I’m sorry you have been hurt.
        Love and hugs. Xx💜♥️💜♥️


      • 50 million people have been hurt… I’m a tiny speck in the universe so how it may or may not have hurt me is probably irrelevant. My reaction is my responsibility, although dementia does impact that more than I’d like it to xxx


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