Brain Health and the Bredesen Protocol

As we continue to celebrate Brain Health Awareness Month, I thought it important to highlight the work of Professor Dale Bredesen on my website again. Most hwo have folowed me here for a while will know I’m a total convert of his work and approach to dementia. Dr Bredesen has written two books on reversing dementia, both New York Times Bestsellers, and from my perspective, we will backk back and one day say they have forever changed the way we perceive all types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Of course there are the sceptics. I am not one of them.

Footnote: Dr Bredesen has a new book coming out in August of 2021, that will feature Alzheimer’s survivors, telling their transformational stories while providing insight into the pathology for the scientific community and offering hope for everyone. This is more than excitign for me, and I cannot wit to be able to share more details about it here soemtime soon!

4 thoughts on “Brain Health and the Bredesen Protocol

  1. Bredersen, since I started doing research on the best approaches, early on in my diagnosis of MCI, his approach spoke to what I already believed, that one can have a full life with a dx of dementia, without taking medications unless there is a reason, I.E. one is in moderate states of dementia. The approach that is the most positive is the one that feeds my soul, gives me choices that are healthy and inspires growth, no giving up. The person who inspired me to make healthy choices was Kate Swafer and Jytte Lovkig.


  2. I am in total agreement about Dr Bredersen’s work providing hope. When my husband was diagnosed 10 years ago, Bredersen’s research and protocol was the only ray of hope I found when I searched for help.


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