Your Diet effects your Brain Health

Listen to Dr. Dale Bredesen being interviewed about The anti-Alzheimer’s diet, on the The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast. It is day 23 of Brain Health Awareness Month, hence my focus is still on brain health!

Dementia Alliance International (DAI) has hosted a Brain Health Hub for many years now, and has also been hosting a DAI Brain Health Warriors meeting twice a month for many years; anyone, with – and without – a diagnosis of dementia can join. Check out the DAI Facebook Brain Health Hub too!

One of the best ways to keep Alzheimer’s disease (or any type of cognitive decline) at bay is to take charge of what you put in your body. Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen both have always said that “food is medicine or it’s poison”, and this notion is especially true when it comes to preventing cognitive decline. In this fourth and final episode with “The End of Alzheimer’s Program” author Dr. Dale Bredesen, he and the Amens break down exactly what you should be eating to decimate your risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Note to the sceptics: improving your diet and lifestyle may not prevent or even slow the progression of any type of dementia, but it will make you feel healthier! We will all die, and as a fatalist, I believe nothing we do can actually alter when, but why not be as healthy as we can anyway. A health diet won’t hurt you, and it is known to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and a number of other chronic diseases and health conditions!

You are very welcome to respectfully join this global conversation.

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