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Re-blogged from D4Dementia, by Beth Britton, leading campaigner and activist for dementia in the UK…

Think about the ‘Dementia Words’ that you use

By Beth Britton, Monday, 11 May 2015
As this years Dementia Awareness Week rapidly approaches (17-23 May), I anticipate that there will be a surge in coverage related to dementia in the UK. Indeed, it was the start of Dementia Awareness Week in May 2012 that saw me begin D4Dementia, so I know only too well how inspiring this focused week of awareness raising can be. 

In amongst everything thats written during this forthcoming high-profile seven days for dementia, I hope that the values of the ‘Dementia Words Matter’ Call to Action will be at the forefront of writers minds. It’s a Call to Action that I signed up to on the day it was launched – 20 March – and something that I am hugely supportive of.

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8 thoughts on “Re-blog from D4Dementia

  1. Interesting how this is beginning to show up more and more or am I just tuning in? I know you have been talking about this for a while.

    I too believe how we talk about Alzheimer’s and other dementias has a profound effect on how we perceive and deal with the illness.

    I just reviewed all of the descriptors on my blog (which just passed 50,000 hits with 178 posts)

    I was pleased (and somewhat amazed) to find that most of the negative descriptors were more about how I was dealing or “suffering” through being a caregiver for my life partner of 40+ years Gregory.

    I did compare some days to “being in hell,” suffering, experiencing Gregory’s violence towards me and a few others, feeling out of control, dealing with this “insidious” disease, feeling flummoxed.

    My use of words and attitudes towards Gregory and his dealing with the disease were mostly positive and reflect something I have been saying from the beginning, “Gregory is NOT a VICTIM of Alzheimer’s, he is a HERO!”



  2. Hi Kate
    So true at our young dementia group this week we were filmed by BBC for a part in Songs of Praise. They had filmed the church on the Sunday and as we use their church hall for our group they filmed us as well on the Monday. This is to be on TV I think on 24th August.


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