Giving it my best…

If giving the world the best I have, means I get kicked, loved, or ignored, it is still my choice to give it my best, and to speak up for all people with dementia, for our human rights, our disAbility rights, and for inclusion, no discrimination, reducing stigma and isolation, and for respect, including respectful language, and as well as against Prescribed Disengagement®™.



Thank you Faith Riverstone for sharing this in the comments of one of my blogs recently. I decided to add it today, as many may not have seen it. The messages in this video are important.


14 thoughts on “Giving it my best…

  1. Good on you Kate-giving it your best is so important and you always give your best i know!You are honestly one of the most inspirational people i know and i hope i meet you one day!You have achieved heaps more than most people without Dementia-and i am so proud of you Kate, so very proud, and your family must be too!Keep up the fab work you do!Your an inspiration and a super star!


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  3. Awww. I just love the way this woman reads the Mother Teresa quote. When the nay-sayers get too many, I start listening to this video. It helps keep me going.


  4. Kate honey, I am so glad that you’re in my life. You do good with every waking breath. Your refusal to “shut up” has buoyed me….I’m very similar, y’know!
    We need to be wary of “false friends”-we’ve learnt the hard way. But the conversations with unlikely people online is where we do good, no matter what else is going on in our lives.
    “Alice” said years ago to me that it’s the “doing” that matters. I learnt from my psychology studies many years ago that we have to be collective, social beings and to use “tools” to change our world (Vygotsky roughly interpreted!). Inertia is hard to shift but you and other PWD are doing it, strategically, with smarts, together and from the heart.
    “Nothing about you without you!”. Hugs.


  5. Great quotations. Where did the video come from? Point Counterpoint: Sometimes I do believe that doing less than one’s best is OK. Some situations do not warrant one’s best, just that they get done. But when it really matters, yes do your best.


  6. I for one thank you Kate for re-sharing this post, it served as a reminder for me that I need to be myself and if that means people don’t ‘get’ me then so be it. I will continue to put my best foot forward no matter what. Standing up for what I believe in has always been a core value of mine. Thanks again Kate.


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