Missing Jonathan…

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull is now only in my thoughts rather than hanging in my office, although I do have a photograph of him on my computer desktop and phone wallpaper. This year, more than ever before, I have relied on my seagull Jonathon, or at least the meaning of what he stands for, and I miss his physical presence.

I have refused to let the doubters have their way and stop me from advocating and having a voice. However, I do remain stunned, shocked, and totally blown away by the cruelty and meanness of those so-called ‘close family and friends’ who lied about me… and worse, who ‘chose to remain anonymous’. I’m even sadder now that I know who some of them are. Yes, I am definitely coming  back as a vet, as too often people are overrated; but I suspect the very tangible jealousy and vitriol of others will continue to cause me deep grief, and haunt, hurt and astound me for some time to come.

On the other side of the coin, the goodness of the majority of people continues to amaze me, so focusing on them and my work is healthier than worrying about a few really rotten eggs.

And I’ll be very glad when next February arrives, as my seagull will return to his rightful place in my office.

23 thoughts on “Missing Jonathan…

  1. oh Kate-i am so so so so sorry to hear that and that is just nasty. I hate how your close family and friends “lie” about you and “lie” about your illness. Sometimes, people dont understand the extent of someones illnesses(e.g your dementia)and go “oh…is fine…there is nothing wrong with…”. or “…is in fabulous health”. I hate that, and a normal conversation with someone doesnt mean they are in “fabulous” health. That is devastating that you know who they are. I hope you are okay and have all the love and support to help you get through this tough time-my love and support are with you. You deserve the best. You are one in a million Kate, and i agree, thats a good idea to loose touch with those people. If you are ever in Auckland you are more than welcome to stay and i hope i meet you in the not too far distant future☺💜 I like how you choose to have ONLY nice people in your life. Take care, thinking of you and lots of love💜💜💜💜💜


  2. I’m so sorry {big hug} It’s true ….. some people because monsters when they can hide behind a monitor. And then their victims have to live with it …… I’m so sorry it’s happened to you {more hugs} …


  3. You are a brave, determined woman doing something wonderfully powerful…showing the world that there is life, good life, after a diagnosis of dementia. Some people just can’t handle that. Small minded of them. Big heart wins over small minds every time! Thank you for all you do to make this world a better place to live in.


  4. I havent commented on your blogs as I don’t feel it is my place. I’m a carer and can have little idea what life is like for you as I’m not in your place or in the place of any other with a dementia diagnosis. I wouldn’t be presumptuous though to do that. I’m trying my hardest to learn as much as I possible can so I don’t make too many blunders as I go. I would like to say you obviously have been a strength and guide to many people so must be doing something right. I am aware there are trolls who are very destructive to people who stand out, and that must be disabling when you are a giver. Bless you for your kindness to those you connect with and I hope you are able to continue educating the rest of us who need it so desparatly as carers.Keep flying “Friend of Jonothan”.


    • Thanks so much for joining the conversation here Evelaine, everyone is welcome. We all ‘blunder’ through dementia, whether diagnosed with it or supporting someone. And no persons experience is the same. It seems to me we all have a lot to learn from each other xxx


  5. Remember Kate , that wherever you go, you will be surrounded by people who appreciate your efforts to bring positive changes to the lives of those with dementia and admire you for your dedication .
    Val Fell


  6. “There’s a reason to life. We can lift ourselves out of ignorance, we can find ourselves as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill. We can be free and we can learn to fly”
    Don’t listen to those who can’t see what you see. Keep lifting and flying high Jon, I believe in you x


    • There are too many wonderful peopl eib m life and the world, for it to really matter, and I certainly do not have to keep in contact with them. I htink I was so shocked, as had believed it was simply a case of people not understanding how to stay friends with a person with dmentia, when in fact, it was much meaner than that! Oh well, on wards and upwards, as always.xx


  7. So sorry to hear that bloggers are giving you a hard time Kate. These are very disrespectful times and quite ugly….Best we stick close to those who truly care and appreciate them. It really is a dog eat dog world right now. Stay true to yourself my friend….VK ❤


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