Thank you The Hon Kelly Vincent MLC

Our view of the Chamber.

On Wednesday afternoon this week, my husband and I attended the State Parliamentary session of the Legislative Council in Parliament House, Adelaide.  The Hon Kelly Vincent MLC, the fearless and remarkable young woman who is the Leader of the Dignity Party in SA, made a motion recognising me for winning the SA 2017 Australian Of The Year, and for my work in the field of dementia. I’ve never attended a live Parliamentary sitting, so was rather unaware of the protocol or of the importance of the motion, hence I was rather casual about the whole thing. I’d been told I could invite family and friends along, but didn’t get around to it, as I really did not realise the significance of what was happening. My husband on the other hand, had a grip on it, and was extremely proud and deeply moved.

There were 60 items on the list of motions, of which I was listed at #60. When we arrived, they were up to number 2, and so I thought we were going to be there until at least midnight. However, after #4, items 5-59 were formally deferred, and item 60 was moved to #5.

The Liberal Party member, the Hon Steven Wade MLC, the Labour Party member the Hon Justin Hanson MLC, and the Hon Kelly Vincent MLC all made quite lengthy speeches about my work. They had all done their homework, although were each slightly confused with the dementia statistics and also which year I was the SA AOTY. There was a unanimous approval of the motion, and I’m extremely proud to have this recorded in the Hansard in Parliament. I had allowed myself to stop feeling proud of the work I do earlier this year, and of the significant achievements I have helped to make globally in dementia, although had not stopped working hard. Attending the award night for the incoming 2018 SA AOTY also made me feel proud again; this helped reinforce it.


By the way, if you live in South Australia and are old enough to vote, I strongly recommend you VOTE 1 for Kelly Vincent on March 17, 2018. We cannot afford not to have someone who is also living with a disAbility representing us.

30 thoughts on “Thank you The Hon Kelly Vincent MLC

  1. Darling Kate,

    This has taken your ability to inspire, to legendary status my friend.

    Congratulations babe. I am sure your husband was glowing like a beacon with pride and joy in your superwoman abilities.

    I cant tell you how proud I feel whenever I think of you my friend.

    This accolade and honor is quite extraordinary.
    This will be a legacy to the world that Kate Swaffer has forever left her mark.
    You are quite incredible.

    May your shining light never lose its sparkle.

    Love you.xx


  2. Wow Kate-another fantastic achievement and congrats again Kate!So thrilled for you!Your an inspiration to me Kate and i so looking forward to meeting you!Totally inspiration!Congrats!😊



    Absolutely well deserved.

    all the hard work you have done and continue to do should always make you feel proud.. You have opened a lot of people’s eyes to the world of Dementia.
    Annette 😀


  4. Excellent and well deserved recognition to you and your work, and the support of your BUB, Kate. Congratulations – now you are enshrined in Hansard.


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