Life is a roller coaster

In my blog The impact of Betrayal Trauma, published quite recently (although it says it was posted in January), it seems to have opened up a few wounds and hearts of many others I’ve been talking to. It is especially sad to know this is such a familiar and common experience, and I go back to my saying, only truly learned since Larry (dementia) entered my home, that sometimes, humans are overrated.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, probably made more visible due to our ‘world’ now being an online village or space.

Families all have secrets and trauma, difficult relationships and so on, but the lack of unconditional love and loyalty being denied to so many people with dementia seriously makes me want to cry. 

It’s when the chips are down one hopes family and friends will be more supportive, not less so.

These are some of the biggest lessons of dementia, and of life!

  • Get up
  • Dress up
  • Show up
  • Never give up
  • And as much as humanly possible, ignore PLOM disease!

Ps. when my kids were younger, I use to say to them when getting in the car to go to school:

  • Get in
  • Sit down
  • Belt up
  • Toughen up, and
  • Shut up!

Oops, does that make me a bad mother… please don’t answer that. or ask them!!!! I am sure they see life as a roller coaster too!

7 thoughts on “Life is a roller coaster

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  2. Dear Kate, let me say this; “you certainly practice what you are preaching here”. I have only known you for 2 years but during that time, I have seen you bounce back countless times. Your resilience, determination and reliability are second to none. You are one in about a hundred million. Salute


  3. Sorry to hear you are feeling betrayed old boiler ring if you want I have time for a chat “we only truly give up when we stop trying” I’m sure you are still doing that even in the face of adversity, 😘Ness


    • Not feeling it today dear ness… but many feel it every single day. I’m the type or person who feels it with them, do there’s often an underlying sadness. Royal Commission in my targets at the moment, so hopefully I can blog about that soon. Hugs xxxx


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